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And the Glory of the Light did shine upon him.
And the Peace of the Light did he give men.
Binding nations to him. Making one of many.
Yet the shards of hearts did give wounds.
And what was once did come again
   -in fire and in storm
splitting all in twain.
For his peace...
   -for his peace...
...was the peace...
...was the peace...
...of the sword.
And the Glory of the Light did shine upon him.

   -from "Glory of the Dragon"
    composed by Meane sol Ahelle, the forth
Posted: Feb 3/2006 by Jay

It's been a long time since I last posted anything. This site has sorta maintained itself with content I created for it years ago. So now coming back to visit I thought it was time for an update.

To get to the news: Since I last updated Book 11 "Knife of Dreams" had been released on Oct 11th, 2005. There is also rumor on the next book's title "A Memory of Light" as well as this is to be the last book in the series.

Posted: Dec 18/2001 by Jay

Well a lot of people have been asking "When's the new book coming out...", well checking around to my usual sources and as it stands there is no word yet :/ From Tor: it looks like "The Wheel of Time" will be re-relased under their Young Adult Line of Books Starscape. The Eye of the World is being split into 2 books under that line as a starting set of books.

Current Updates:
Entire new site design. So I have updated entire site to make it more modernized and last a while before the next update and book come out.

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