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Here I would like to express my gratitude to certain people who inspired me to build a home in the Internet and do Check out their homepage.

Bacteria (Her Nickname), a chat-friend from Westwood Chat.

Jeanisha , a friend from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was so shocked with the credit she gave to me. Anyhow, a BIG thank you to you.Her vision.

Nighthawk(Her Nickname), a good friend of mine from Canada. The mid now playing was made by her. I love it. Take a peep at her home page.Click here.

Conny Wei, a really nice gal to know and her homepage is improving each day.

Gentry Mui, a friend from Hong Kong and do check out her home.

My humble Awards/Acknowledgements:-

HS Web Design
HS Web Design Award

Kaptivations Award
Kaptivations Award

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