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This page is specially created for those who are interested to build a homepage of their own. Below are some tips to get you started.

These are the followings which you need to start off.

1) Where to get a Free Homepage? I'm glad to say that the Geocities is giving FREE homepage. CLICK HERE
2) Ok, now I have a "home". How do I start creating it? You gotta learn some HyperText Markup Language (HTML), for a start. CLICK HERE

Well, that should be enough to create a homepage that you can own. Hey! Don't go yet! You need some icons, animations, and backgrounds, right? I do have some to share with you and you can download it over the next page. In returns, I hope you can add a link to my page over your "new homepage".

1) Want some cool Icons for your homepage?

Click the image!

2) How about some Animations?

Click the image!

3) Let's have a Background Image

Click the image!

That's about it folks...come back to my homepage more often. I hope my homepage is bookmark-able. *grin*

Have you sign my guestbook yet? If not, please click here. Thanx!

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