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Selamat Datang!

This is the only page I use WHITE as the background for it signifys bright and purity which is exactly what my country, MALAYSIA is. Come back more often to this page for I will tell you more about what is happening over here. I sincerely hope you will enjoy your stay here. Though this not the biggest information base you ever see but with my enthusiasm, it is going to be a good page for your reference. Ok, let me start with a slight intro to my country.

MALAYSIA is situated in the heart (north of the equator) of Southeast Asia. Though I am not good in geographical kind of things but still Malaysia is a very nice place to live in. The people here consists of many races (ie. Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh and others) which is very friendly and kind hearted. My country is very interesting of which has centuries of recorded history and fascinating and contrasting tradition lifestyles among its people.

Nature in Malaysia is a goddess of a thousand faces. People see in her what they wish -vulnerability, food, majesty, a cosmic balance and spirits. My country's geography, climate and varying topography have created a natural feast. There is a wide variety of environments -forest, wetlands, mountains and seas. We have big animals over here -tiger, Sumatran Rhinos, wild cattle, ancient sea turtles and giant smelly flowers.


The Rafflesia Arnoldi is the largest flower in the world which can be found in Malaysia's tropical rain-forest.

Rafflesia Arnoldi
"It appears at first in the form of a small round knob, which gradually increases in size. The flower-bud is invested by numerous membranaceous sheaths, which surround it in successive layers, and expand as the bud enlarges, until at length they form a cup round its base ... The inside of the cup is of an intense purple, and more or less densely yellow, with soft flexible spines of the same colour; towards the mouth it is marked with numerous depressed spots of the purest white ... The petals are of a brick-red with numerous pustular spots of a lighter colour. The whole substance of the flower is not less than half an inch thick, and of a firm fleshy consistence."- Raffles' description of the Rafflesia.

You love fruits? Well, the pomelo is the World's largest citrus fruit and you can get this from my hometown, Ipoh, Perak (the state where I live in). Perak, known as the silver state (perak means silver), is one of the richest states in my country. The state capital, Ipoh, an industrial centre which became known as "The City Of Millionaires" (I'm going to be one, someday) when many miners made their fortunes here around hundred years ago. It has a predominantely Chinese population and is the largest urban area in the country. For the tourists info, it has many fine historical buildings from the British colonial period remain.

Bahasa Melayu (or Malay) is the official language and most Malaysians are at least bilingual. English is widely spoken, especially in business and tourism circles. A large Chinese population means that Mandarin and several other Chinese dialects (especially Cantonese) are also spoken within this community. Tamil is widespread too, due to a sizeable Indian minority.

Do you wanna learn some few phrases in Malay while you are here? Ok, let's do it!

  1. Good Morning - Selamat Pagi
  2. Good Afternoon - Selamat Petang
  3. Good Night - Selamat Malam
  4. Thank You - Terima Kasih
  5. You are welcome - Sama- sama
  6. Yes - Ya
  7. No - Tidak
  8. How Much - Berapa
  9. Too Expensive - Itu sangat mahal
  10. That's Cheap - Itu murah
  11. I come from - Saya datang dari
  12. Please Come In - Sila masuk
  13. Please Sit Down - Sila duduk
  14. What's your name - Siapa nama kamu
  15. My name is - Nama saya ialah
  16. Today - Hari Ini
  17. Tommorrow - Esok
  18. Buy - Beli
  19. Sell - Jual
  20. Where - Di mana
  21. Why - Kenapa
  22. What - Apa
  23. When - Bila
  24. Stop - Berhenti
  25. Come - Datang
  26. I - Saya
  27. You - Kamu
  28. Street - Jalan
  29. Good - Baik
  30. Okay - Baiklah
I'm sorry I could not provide you all the words of my national language over here. If you are really keen to learn, email me and I will reply you soon. Ok?

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