General Links

Duncan Long's SF Page - A most impressive site for the all-round SF junkie, there's something for everyone: music, books, television and movies. The artwork is particularly impressive, but I have been unable to assess the music due to technical difficulties. As for the stories, I'm afraid I havn't time to read them, and I'm not much of a literature critic anyway. Definitely worth a look.

The Outer Rim - Check out the newspaper of the Area 51 community, within which Nova resides.


The Airwolf Home Page - This is a pleasingly funky site, that's tidy and is packed with pintloads of information about everyone's favourite flying death-machine. The site is kept up-to-date, so there's no excuse for not liking it.

Alien Nation

Little Tencton - A very comprehensive Alien Nation site.

Babylon 5

The Official Babylon 5 Website - This is a decent site for B5 related things, because it's the official site. Stands to reason, really. Lots of ace high quality pictures to download. Sadly, since the shift to TNT, it's not really updated anymore.

Babylon 5 UK Home Page - A comprehensive, if not particularly gorgeous site, with a lot of information pertinent to us UK types.

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 - Lots of information here complete with episode guides and season-by-season guides to help new viewers catch up.

Battlestar Galactica

Kobol - The best Galactica site on the web.

Earth 2

The Earth 2 Nitpicker's Guide - Written by one of the series' three fans, this is a slightly worrying site, but good for fans of the series. It's written in the style of the Trek Nitpicker's Guides, but not quite as humerous. There's also a couple of other bits of info lying around. It's not grahpically intensive, so it's not much of a sacrifice of your time to take a look at it, at least.

Earth 2 - The Journey of a Lifetime - A well-presented and very informative site, well worth a look for pretty much anything you want to know about the series.

Knight Rider

Knight Rider Home Page - A slightly anally retentive page, this is still worth a look for the volume of information it carries. Spasmodically entertaining, spasmodically shite.

Ajay's Knight Rider page - A slightly different approach here, as we have information on the staff of FLAG and the gear used in the program, in a slightly less anal way than the Knight Rider Home Page.


The Offical Millennium Website - Fox's excellent Millennium site: videos, episode guides, info.

MillenniuM - A decent site, with bios and episode guides.

Red Dwarf

Colm's Red Dwarf page - Ummm... interesting, slightly pointless, but a good source of reference.

Red Dwarf Command Centre - A nice looking 'Dwarf site.

Star Trek

Wormhole - Lotsalotsa Trek links, which kind of does my job for me. Nice one.

AltaVista Search 'Star+Trek' - Pot luck.

SeaQuest DSV / 2032

SeaQuest - If you care, here's a link to a colourful, slightly shabby website, with just enough information for the fan who watched it. Oh, and there's some fiction here too.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - An excellent VTTBOTS page, with plenty of resources for the committed fan. Some of the presentation is a little dodgy, but it's passable.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Another respectable site, but the one listed above has more to offer. Still, this one's worth a look for an alternative insight.

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