What's New?

Monday 22th June 1998
There's some reshuffling going on over summer, so I'm afraid some sections are going to be offline for some considerable time.

Thursday 28th May 1998
Absolutely nothing interesting to report. A couple of new pages, a few fixes, a few reviews. Nothing to get excited about. But fear not, the Babylon 5 and Star Trek sections will be finished soon, and yes, I'll get rid of the lame design of the Trek section. E-mails to the usual address.

Thursday 9th April 1998
Upgraded bits of the movie section, and generally made things look a bit tidier. I'm planning lots of improvements around the site, and you should hopefully see their effects soon. As for the Babylon 5 and Star Trek sites, I'm afraid they're still down for now, but I'm working on that. And remember, as usual, if there are any problems drop a line to Nova.

Monday 23rd March 1998
Finally, the movies section is back on-line, after more than three months of chasing up missing files and the like. There may still be the odd technical hitch, and if so you should get in touch. Otherwise, things seem to be back on track, more or less. I'm not sure about the Earth 2 section at the moment, but I'll get onto that. You may have noticed that the Babylon 5 and Star Trek sections are shadows of their former selves, and I'm working on fleshing these out into full-on websites, although if possible I may considor re-absorbing them back into Nova when they're finished, since I've been given a bigger space allocation. We'll see how things turn out, anyway. B'bye for now.

Saturday 7th March 1998
Nothing much to report except a few slight changes. Just letting you know I'm alive...

Tuesday 3rd February 1998
Well, most of the TV stuff is back up and running. A slight technical hitch means that Earth 2 won't be back until next week, but who cares? I'm still dragging my heels about the movie section, but the Babylon 5 section's well underway with it's long-awaited refit.

Tuesday 27th January 1998
The title page has been made a helluva lot smaller, and things are beginning to slot into place, including the all-new Red Dwarf Guide. Expect to see more guides like this in the coming months.

Thursday 22nd January 1998
We're back on-line! Well, almost. There's still a lot of work to be done, but I don't think you'll find any broken links, just a lot of pages saying 'error - section unavailable' but it's better than nothing, eh? The movie section may be down for a while due to a bit of bad planning, but the SFTV area is running fine (I think) and the links are all back. The detailed guides will be back soon, too, and I'll work on the title page to make it load faster. And, fingers crossed, I may well be including a section updated month-by-month on news and reviews, but keep it under your hat...

Tuesday 11th November 1997
Now you can preload your image cache for greater speed. Select the link off the contents page.

Monday 10th November 1997
Just some general additions and updates, including some links for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Friday 7th November 1997
Everything should be just ticketty-boo, now. I'm just going to hunt out some images to spruce things up with at the moment, then hopefully, by January the Star Trek section should have all it's episode guides up-to-date.

Thursday 6th November 1997
Ooops, in my rush to get everything on-line, I forgot to tell you about some of the improvements. I've begun an ST:TNG episode guide, and re-vamped the Trek index although I'm beginning to think it looks a little shabby. Ah well. Also, the guestbook should be back on-line. And there's the beginnings of a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea section, the first new detailed section to open in about eight months. Finally, it's Nova's first birthday today, and it's nice to see just how far the site has come.

Wednesday 5th November 1997
The site his been slightly revamped, with a nifty new navi-bar at the top of each page. It took a couple of days and there were several problems getting everything up to the server. I think it all works now, though, but if there's a single broken link or image, please do tell me. I'm pretty sure I've checked it through, though. Also, the guestbook may not be working. I'll look into it as soon as I can. Meanwhile, if you really feel the need to sign, send me an email answering all the questions on the sign page and I'll put it up as soon as the guestbook is fixed again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Wednesday 15th October
Made a few updates and tidied up a few pages. There was also a slight problem with link failures because some pages didn't upload properly or at all after the summer break. Hopefully it's all fixed now. Work continues on the Movie Guide.

Tuesday 7th October 1997
We've just been added to the SF webring! To access it, go back to the web rings page.

Monday 6th October 1997
Work begins on modifying the Movie Guide to allow a whole page for each film.

Friday 25th September 1997
Nova 3 goes on-line after a Summer break.

Wednesday 2nd July 1997
I've been doing lots of little things over the past week, and a few big things. I've added in a Millennium section, upgraded bits of the Voyager Episode Guide, The A-Z of SF Movies and a bit of The A-Z of SFTV.

Tuesday 24th June 1997
Voyager Episode Guide added. This will be upgraded and later seasons added as soon as I get the time.

Monday 23rd June 1997
Entire site upgraded slightly to make it easier to navigate. Frames system improved to make the screen less cramped. Also, replaced crusty text-links with funky graphicsy jobs in the corners of the screen. Of course, I have to upload the site to the server, so these changes won't have been noticed by anyone yet. Have a nice day.

Sunday 22nd June 1997
Babylon 5 episode guide updated. Now includes information on al episodes in Seasons 1 & 2. Stand by for 3 & 4 later this year.

Monday 16th June 1997
Putting all the links together on a lovely big anchored page, so whenever you see a program name, if there are any links for it from my website, clicking on it will give you the list. Good, huh? Well, okay, it's a bit small at the moment, but give me some time and it'll be well cool.

Saturday 31st May 1997
It's just after five in the afternoon on a Saturday, and the sun's streaming down outside. I've just been cycling out there and it's great. Life, it seems, couldn't get any better. I've also spent the last five weeks upgrading all the little bits of NOVA that didn't quite work, added bits to other bits, and added new sections to old sections. There's the A-Z of SFTV (that's Science Fiction TeleVision) to start with, and a snazzy new title page. What more could you possibly need? ;)

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