Solitaire Sketch


After snaggin' Weird Al's new song, Polkamon, I scribbled a quick sketch of this in my sketchbook. Later, I pulled out my art tablet and made a computer drawin' of it.

One of the characters from this weird universe I've got in my head. Caused mainly by me watching too much Dragon Ball Z :)
This character has had a drastic change in looks since I did this picture, but I thought I'd put it up anyways.
"Chibi" D

This here's another of them thar characters from the Nova Wake idea I've got. Actually, it's a minituarized, semi-chibi rendition of him.
His name is D.

So, I came up with this idea for another universe (Mainly so I could draw it), and I dubbed the story the Icarus Project.
This here's Jeremy. He's the hero. Thanks to his current pose, you can't see the sheath with baseball bat on his back... but he has one, so as to beat up the crazy robots.
And he's got rocket boots. Hee hee!

This guy's from a story I was toying around with called Construct J.
His names Jakely... and he's this incredibly powerful little kid.
Cute lil' face

I drew a cute lil' face, inked it, and colored it in. It's cute. No other reason behind it.
Mort the dog

At my school (DigiPen), we make games. This year (2000-2001), we've been working on a game called Grave Digger, in which you, as the caretaker of a family-owned graveyard, have to run around smackin' zombies with a shovel and reburying them.
Of course, to make things easier for you (heh), we're putting in a dog, who'll steal the zombies arms. Unfortunately, ya can't bury a one-armed zombie, so ya gots to get it back.
The dog is your dog. His name is Rigor Mortis. You just call him Mort.
I might put the game up on the programs page... but it'll happen later, and I'll say so on the updates page.
Powerglove girl

So, I drew this sketch i thought looked pretty cool... but due to various reasons, I couldn't ink it.
So I scanned it in on the computer, and decided to do things a little different...
This here was done ENTIRELY in Adobe Illustrator, using the sketch as a guideline in the background.
I'm really happy with how it came out, although I didn't quite get around to finishing the legs.
Teddy Maul

This was the first in a planned series of famous characters represented by teddy bears.
I should work on some more, but it doesn't seem likely right now.
Roger Wilco

After visiting the Subspace Channel (Space Quest messageboard), I had the urge to colorize that Roger Wilco sketch, so I did.

Random girl drawing.

Playing around in the Illustrator trial I downloaded. The kanji in the corner is "kuma"... means "bear".

Arcane mark I came up with for my sorcerous dwarf in Chris' D&D campaign. No clue if arcane marks have color, but this art does.
As it's an arcane mark, I felt it needed a squiggle. Then I added my red hat. Then a beard. Ta-da.
Like Bear above, done when playing around in Illustrator.
Coming Later... Sometime more arts'll pop up in this spot. Woo!

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