Solitaire Sketch


At one point, I started drawing a bunch of robots (because robots are cool), and I ended up numbering them randomly. I think this here was the 2nd one I drew... and I numbered him 26.
11 and 47 may or may not show up on this page sometime or other.

This here's my goofy rendition of one of my pal's (Nirrad) character he uses to represent 'imself.

Character of mine from Nova Wake blah blah. I named 'im Vidar after the Norse diety of silence and revenge, mainly because I liked the name. If'n ya wanna see a colored version o' this here sketch, hang a left at the nav-panel and go to the arts page.
Powerglove Girl

Yo yo. Really quick sketch of some girl with a GIANT glove. The colored version is on the arts page.

So, I came up with this idea for another universe... I call the whole deal the Icarus Project... this here's a sketch of Icarus.
It's a robotic suit, with an artificial intelligence. And as those always seem to do, this one went nuts. Rock on.

This is another sketch from the Icarus Project... this is actually the scanned in line-art for the pic on the arts page.
Go there to hear what I gotta say about him, if you so desire.
N.O.L.F. and Tycho

This here sketch arose after a lengthy LAN party of my friends that I attended.
The big thing about this one, however, was the fact that they managed to get Tycho (from Penny Arcade) to show up and play against us.
And uh... that's supposed to be a maniacal grin... I just realized it kinda looks like a bandage or something.
Just some girl

Last semester I finally started to play around with inking my drawings, and even went so far as to color 'em in with colored pencils.
This is one of the results.
Mecha 07

Weighing in as the largest (in file size) sketch to this date (01-06-2001), this here is actually an inked image that I ended up coloring.
I like how it turned out, although the color choice still baffles me, even though it was my own.
Oh yeah, and no plot or anythin' attached to this one.
Some Purple-haired guy

Oh how descriptive my namin' system is. This guy has purple hair. No plot or anythin' attached to this one either.
Red Bandit

So, I was toying around with the idea of remaking this great Amiga game I used to have (*gasp* a former Amiga user?! *gasp*) called Time Bandit.
Anyways, this was the sketch of one of the choosable characters.
Angry Face

A quick sketch I did while on vacation. I think it turned out fairly well.
Chest clutch

I drew this last winter (of 2000), with the express purpose of something to scan.
Cosmic Roll

Being the hopeless fan-boy that I am, I nigh constantly sketch Mega Man and crew, in various variations. This just happened to be a cute version of Roll, which I dubbed Cosmic Roll, because of the suit.
Unfortunately, I didn't finish the drawing.
Girl scribble

A quick sketch I did last semester with my art tablet. I was trying out a different style of coloring.

Just a sketch. He was peering down at something, but it looked pretty stupid, so I took it out.
Jargon (head)

Jargon, of Spine and Jargon. It's a comic that I was working on that never got off the ground. Perhaps someday.
Anyways, I was sketching Spine and Jargon in various ways, and this one just looked neat.
Jeremy (v2)

Toying with a redesign of Jeremy from the Icarus Project. A bit scrawnier, but tres cooler hair.
And I like this version of the rocket boots more.

A quick and very rough sketch that I did when trying different postures.
Random guy

Dig the funny hat.
Roger Wilco

Roger Wilco, from Space Quest. I was inking it (as you can see), but I got lazy.
Rush (2)

Another sketch of a Mega Man variation. It's the front portion of a Rush redesign.
Warrior Lady

I don't know what to say. Really. It's a sketch. I ran out of space on the page, and didn't draw the legs (a common happenstance for me. It's not that I'm poor at planning, it's just that I don't plan when drawing).
Whatever Poster

So I was making this game called Whatever for my senior project in high school. I got a tech demo up by the time it was due, and I never went any further than that.
I couldn't decide what I wanted for the background, so I didn't draw one.
I was also going to color this some time, but who knows.

Random sketch. Currently acting as my image for my LiveJournal.
Eye scribble

A quick tablet sketch I did during school. I did this at the same time as the Girl scribble above.
The original image is about twice the size.

This is one of many sketches I've done of this character... her name is Amber, and usually she is drawn with no hair coloration, a bit longer of a face, and looking much happier. This was an experiment. It failed on the primary level, and succeeded on various others.

A quick sketch I did after playing much Jet Set Radio Future.
SD Sludge Vohaul

This is a wacky one... it's supposed to be Sludge Vohaul, done as if he were going to be placed within a children's cartoon. He's grumpy because he's SD, as my pal Mike would say.
Coming Later... Sometime more sketches'll pop up in this spot. Woo!

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