The Realm of Gerazh'
    You pull out an item from your pocket, its a gold compass. "A gift, from a friend", it reads. You look at it and pause as the compass needle begins to spin wildly. Bright white light burns with intensity as everything slowly fades away.
    The unexpected flash of light recedes to reveal a beautiful forest before you. The rustle of leaves is heard as soft moss sways in the gentle breeze. The mangled roots of trees cover the forest ground, making walking to be more of a chore than a pleasure. Birds sing in the thick canopy above, as the sound of running water adds to the forest's lovely symphony.
    It appears the sound of running water is coming from somewhere from your south. You can see a mountain through the breaks of the lush canopy to the East. Your completely surrounded by trees, but any direction is accessible from this point.

Warning, the following is not completed, allthough it will be soon. It's here to show the format of things to come.

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