-= Why am I here, what do I do?
--== Well, if your on a Netscape browser, a compass graphic should load, click on the direction you want to travel, for example to move up, click on the point of the compass that is pointing farthest up. While your here, you can travel through the world I've created, find neat places, and meet interesting creatures. The main things are fun and interest, one can't work without the other. I am trying my best to make this page one you'll come back to and one you'll tell your friends about.

-= The gif map won't load at all, why?
-- == The gif map does not want to load in MS Internet Explorer, I've tried with 3.01 and 4.0, it won't load. I am guessing because the map uses polygons with more than 4 sides. The only way I see around this is by using a Netscape browser. I will ad additional links to serve as the gif maps, but till then please bare with me.

-= Where's the page? Why does it not find it?
--== The page is not complete, its that simple. :)  I am posting the pages as I go along, instead of waiting till its completely done. If you get brought  to the Geocities page, just go back and try another direction.

-= Script error with MS Internet Explorer
--== This is due to MS IE spazzing cause I made an error somewhere, WHOOPS! Just answer yes/no it does not matter, there is one script on the page, other than the annoying geocities banner, and that's the midi in the background.

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