*taps the microphone*

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For five years now, the online community has been pleasantly infected by a unique brand of seemingly random insanity. The brainchild of three teen girls from "The Valley", it has since grown out of its one megabyte infancy into the kicking, scratching, bedwetting kindergarten years of its Internet life. And with any luck, this spunky little brat of a page will continue its reign as the one place to find unusual info about the same old usual topics...I mean where else can you learn how to say "I will punish you" in Japanese and Ebonics? Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I present to Kewlgoop, in honor of its five year anniversary, this lovely gold watch!

What do you mean, we don't have a gold watch?

Alright, who screwed up? How are we supposed to have an uppity commemorative ceremony without a gold watch?!?

What's that? Oh, we have a plaque...well, that's different...

Forgive me folks, someone forgot to inform me of a slight detail. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to Kewlgoop this commemorative plaque!

...and these dozen roses!

@}--;--'-- @}--;--'-- @}--;--'-- @}--;--'--
@}--;--'-- @}--;--'-- @}--;--'-- @}--;--'--
@}--;--'-- @}--;--'-- @}--;--'-- @}--;--'--

...and...these single roses..for the ladies..?...


*grumbles* A watch would have been cheaper...

Tori: I remember we were looking at a Sailor Moon quiz page and noticed a link on the bottom that said "get your own free homepage"..and at the time since it was the only computer in the house fast enough (being a 486) to do something like that, we had to ask Mom if it was okay...what were we going to put on it? everything cool...stuff...hence Kewlgoop...I remember our glee when we finally scanned a decent picture with that black and white hand scanner, and how long it took the damned thing to upload...then we learned to scan ink drawings and color them in with picture publisher 2, which also took forever...I remember back in the day when GeoCities required you to have a link to their homepage on each of your pages, and they only gave you 1M for your troubles, and the subsequent Meg Wars between GeoCities and Tripod...we're still barely using 4M I think...remember the metal plate background?...*sniffle* our little Kewlgoop...*bawls* I'm so prou-hu-hued!! waahhh!!....*heehee*

Beth: I'd like to thank mamma, Elvis, that there bottles of bubbly and of course the almighty, Chuck. I never thought I'd make it to five years, we were betting my liver would have quit by now, but Betsy and I am still going strong! Chuck Bless you ALL! ;)

Veronica: Damn, five years? Where does the time go? I, the baby of the three of us was just barely internet-legal (you have to be over 13 to do anything online without permission, and I was about to turn 15), and now, I'm 20, Kewlgoop is 5, the internet is a mess of evolutionary HTML...we're still not using and JavaScript or CSS, or anything cool like that here. I blame Tori *evil grin* But we sure as hell got what other pages with the snazzy coding don't got: we got heart. We also got poor spelling and grammar, and we still remember how to use the goddamned Shift key!!!! Heh, yeah, we're pretty cool, or even "kewl" as it were. Tori, I can't believe you still have that Sailor Neptune file...

"Memories...light the corners of my miiiind....misty water-colored meeemorieeees...of the way we were..."

Here's that famed first picture...

We'd like to raise our glasses in a toast to everyone who remembers and has been around since the days of the old neighborhoods...Area51/6061 representin' baby!! *clink*

These are some of the new banners we got for our birthday...

To The House...