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Alright folks, you asked for it so don't be too disappointed :-) On this page you'll find most every conceivable thing that I want to share with the public. Maybe some other stuff too :-) Enjoy, and if you want to you can e-mail me! Keep it clean.

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Dude at a Glance
Name:Andrew G. Whitlock
Weight:Never quite enough.
Height:Just about right. I like it.
Shoe Size:11
Age & Birthdate:19, February 20, 1980
Status:Single. 19 years hasn't killed me yet!
University:North Georgia College
Fraternity:Formerly Delta Upsilon Western Reserve Chapter
Organizations involved in:The Planetary Society
The National Space Society
NEATO (split screen bus club)
South Eastern VW Club
E-mail addresses:Take your pick! They all wind up in the same account except for Hotmail.


Instant Communication:ICQ: 4638359
AIM: RednkNinja

Me (ugly dude on left), Elizabeth, and Fiona.

A Lengthy Tirade

I'm Andrew Whitlock. You probably read the spiel on the front page of the main site if you wound up here, but in case you didn't I'll review for you :-) I'm an physics major at North Georgia College. I've been on the web for about five years now, with various sites and varying success. The most successful site by far was the old Fifth Element site, with over 40000 hits according to Link Exchange. The least successful was the anime site 3otakus, which never quite got off the ground. Note to self: teamwork doesn't work when all three people are slackers :-)

I am interested in aerospace engineering since I see it as a way to become more directly involved in the space age. It would be the ultimate thrill for me to see something I helped to design head into outer space. For a long while I was interested in becoming an astronomer but I don't feel too confident that I would enjoy that career. I hope to save up some money over the summer to buy myself a decent reflecting telescope so I can at least pursue my interests on an amateur level. I have to fix my car first though, which means I probably won't get to the telescope until much later...

Yes, I have long hair. I rule.
I enjoy watching movies, pretty much anything catches my eye. I even like romantic films (but don't tell anybody!). I enjoy watching anime (Japanese animation), my favorite series would have to be Patlabor so far -- unfortunately I only have four episodes of it. But I have both of the movies!! I watch all kinds of anime, with a preference for humorous or very thought provoking anime. My favorite anime of all time has to be The Wings of Honneamise, I highly recommend it to anyone, even people that do not enjoy most anime. I read science-fiction when I ever have time to read, my favorite author is Isaac Asimov due to his robot novels and Foundation. I also work on the internet, of course, and I enjoy that when I have the time. The shoes -- I only wear Converse, unless it's snowing or something. I've got about eight different colors of them, hurray!

I've got two parents who live in Newnan, and my grandmother, and my great-grandmother, and some friends. Like Brad Rainey and good ol' Andy Millican at Georgia Tech. My sister and cousin both attend North Georgia College and are enrolled in the Cadet Corps. There's Elizabeth, who lives in what she claims is the best city in Georgia, Fayetteville. I think she's on crack and Newnan is definitely 400 times better :-) I've got some good friends from Georgia that go to school elsewhere in the USA...like J and Marty. And, of course, I can't forget my fraternity brothers up there in Cleveland. I've been blessed with a lot of good friends.

I have been involved with vintage Volkswagens since July 7, 1995 when I bought my first one -- a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle I eventually dubbed Zero. I didn't stop there, of course :-) I have since owned six different Volkswagens. I currently own four of them, a '66 Beetle (for sale), a '62 Bus, a '67 Bus, and a '67 Westfalia camper (bus). The '67 Bus came to Cleveland with me on a two day road trip where I took the back roads -- 850 miles total. It was quite an experience, and I can't wait to do it again. My primary skill with VWs is keeping them running -- body work is definitely not my forté, although I did do a good repair job on a smashed fender on the old '74.

Ok, now onto the stuff that everyone else puts on their webpage. My favorite band is Nirvana. I like to listen to "slacker rock", bands like Weezer and Harvey Danger. I also enjoy heavy alternative, light techno (atmospheric), some classical...pretty much everything except country, rap, and hip-hop. That means no Backstreet Boys, ever. My favorite movie is The Wings of Honneamise, my favorite color is green, I rather enjoy Twinkies and Dorritos, I'm a Pisces, and I can walk and chew bubble gum all at the same time. I can't dance, I can't sing, I don't like to run around, and I hate tail-gaters. I'm sleepy a lot of the time. That's basically it.

Before I finish, I would just like to say that I am very much pro-space and I am vehemently against the constant budget cuts suffered by NASA. It is high time for people to realize the importance of outer space to our future, and the future of our children. Things we take for granted these days -- 800 TV channels, GPS, even velcro and Tang -- were all produced by going into space. It's only the beginning. The science just waiting to be discovered is enormous -- the sheer amount of unknown knowledge out there is overwhelming; we can't possibly hope to know it all. The tantalizing possibility of life in other solar systems, in our solar system, is also there. As resources continue to be drained from the Earth, we will need to take advantage of the plentiful resources available in space...it might be wise to do this before we ruin our planet completely. I agree with NSS -- Space Is Our Future. Support NASA and the development of space technology and research missions. See what NASA, The Planetary Society, and The National Space Society have to say. Stop the relentless budget cuts!

And that's all I have to say about that.

What a model citizen.

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