Making Money on the Internet...

...for doing nothing!

There are several companies on the internet now that will pay you money simply for viewing their ads on your computer. Some of them pay you for reading email or visiting sites, others simply require you to be online or surfing the web. All of them are easy ways to earn a little extra money with your computer with very little effort required on your part. Below are several such programs that I have joined, with links so that you may join them as well if you wish. I would appreciate it if you would leave the referral numbers in the membership forms, it does not take any money from you but earns a little extra for me, a starving college student. Referrals are one of the major things that make these programs so appealing. Thanks!


Desktop Horizon

Desktop Dollars

Valuepay, please use "urapente" as referral ID


All Community

All Advantage, the original!





Urge 2 Net

Surfing 2 Cash

VIP Benefits


It Ads Up

Paybar, please use 1401188289 as referral ID

pointclick, please use "urapente" as referral ID

moneyformail, please use "urapente" as referral ID

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