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So, what's going on right now?

3/8/00 -- The '66 has been sold! I sold the car to a gentleman up in Kentucky that used to own a '66 in his youth, and wants to fix mine up. Both of use are happy with the deal that was made, and I am especially happy that the car won't be cut up into a Baja or some such thing :-) Thank you for all of the interest. There's still two busses for sale...

I have made good progress on the Obsolete Air-Cooled Documentation Project (which I need an acronym/better name for badly, any suggestions??). One complete manual has been uploaded, the Without Guesswork parts specifications manual that goes up to 1969 from approximately 1953 or so, covering types 1, 2, and 3. I have scanned over a hundred pages of the split-window bus parts reference manual, but am waiting until I finish an entire section (section 1, engine) until I put up the page for it. It goes really fast when I sit down and do it, but I have a busy schedule. For those of you who really really want to see what is already finished, email me for the directory address. I should get the section finished by next week, and the whole thing finished in maybe two weeks. 750 pages, two at a time (large format scanner). Be patient, and sign the ol' guestbook while ya wait :-)

I'm supposed to pick up my Westy this weekend. Yeah, I said that the other time too, and it still sits in Macon. Oh, ye of little faith. I grow impatient, I want to get my grubby mitts on that bus! I bought it 'bout three weeks ago. It looks great (well, a lot better) with tires on it. Ones that hold air, even. If I do make it down to get it -- and I am a desperate man, I'll do about anything -- count on lots of pics and commentary, and PARTS REQUESTS :-) I was going to get it this last weekend, but the tow vehicle blew its engine on the way down to pick it up. No lie. Just talked to the mechanic in Ohio, the Kombi should be ready right on schedule, March 25! I can't wait.

3/12/00 -- The first section of the 1958-1967 Type II parts manual is online. I didn't get my Westy this weekend :-( looking at the next weekend now.

For Sale: 1970 Double-Door Panel and 1971 Standard busses

International "Drive Your VW to Work Day", June 22, 2000
EveryBus 2000 Type2.campout! April 14, 15, and 16, 2000

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