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We Have A Winna!!! You guys out there voted and The Punisher came out on top. Click on Info under Member Gallery to find out how to submit your drawing. Click on Current Results to see how many votes The Punisher got. Seeya at the end of the month!

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Q. I got an e-mail saying I was suspended or deleted from the ring because my navigation bar was missing or non functional or the URL that the ring is linked to no longer exists. What do I do?
A. If you've been suspended for having a missing navigation bar, then you have to sign up for a Yahoo! ID or, if you have a Yahoo! ID, merge it with your ring site. That will allow you to edit your site profile and get the code for your site. If you have a broken navigation bar you can do the stuff above or you can sift through the HTML of your existing navigation bar and fix the problem. Depends on what you find to be easier. Keep in mind that Yahoo! has changed the navbar to something a little more up to date lately. If you've been deleted from the ring, it's because the URL that was provided didn't work anymore. If you have a new site, simply sign back up and get your new navbar. You can do all this stuff at Send us an e-mail if you have any questions. Gobbles!
Q. Hey! I signed up months ago and nothing happened. What's the deal? Am I in or not?!?
A. Could be. After Yahoo! and Webring merged, all of the new site requests were e-mailed to a not too often used address. They totally dumped the address that was being used. After realising this, we fixed the problem and we're reviewing sites now.
Q. How do you decide which web sites to put at the front of the list on the webring page?
A. We don't. There in no particular order. We used to order them by Ring ID, but Ring ID's have been done away with.
Q. How do I edit my site's description?
A. Well...because Yahoo! says must have a Yahoo! ID. You can then change your site description once you get one. To do that, just go here. You can then click on edit (located on the same page)and make whatever adjustments you need.
Q. But I don't feel like doing all that crap. Why don't you guys change it for me like you used to?
A. Due to the "Yahoo! Update" Comic Book Artist's Webring Management no longer have access to members ring descriptions and stuff. You gotta get that Yahoo! ID.
Q. What if I need an e-mail address for one of the members? I can't find their e-mail address on their site or it doesn't work.
A. I actually e-mailed Yahoo! to ask them how management could do something as simple as that. We didn't see it in our management menu. Here is their response: Hello, The feature you are describing is not available at this time. It is through user comments and feedback, however, that we are able to continue to make improvements. There is always something on the drawing board, any many of these new features have come directly from users like you. Regards, Customer Care

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