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History :

Elektra was created by Frank Miller in DD #168. She is thedaughter of a Greek Ambassador and was once in love with Matt Murdoch (DD) during college. They were perfect matches for each other, until she ran off one day when her father was assasinated. Matt didn't hear from her or see her again until several years later.

During that time, she joined the Hand after being rejected from The Chaste and returned to NYC as an assasin. She was hired by the Kingpin and sent to kill Foggy Nelson, Matt's law partner. DD and Elektra finally meet again, what a coincidence.

Well to go on, she ends up getting killed by Bullseye, who wants his old job back with The Kingpin. Elektra is dead and buried. Matt goes a little wacky and has her dug up to make sure she is dead. Later, DD meets up with Stick, leader of the Chaste and his former mentor, who warns him that The Hand is going to resurrect Elektra as a zombie assasin. Of cource they go to stop them. She is dug up, again, but 6 of the 7 Chaste sacrifice their lives to defeat the army of Hand Soldiers. Stone is the supposed last survivor.

In his greif, DD attempts himself to resurrect Elektra. He has learned a little from Stick, but he was also unworthy. He despersately tries to use the ninja magic that he had seen Stone, do earlier to the Black Widow. He is unsuccessful, but Stone senses that Elektra's mind was purified. DD leaves thinking her dead, but Stone resurrects her. The last page in DD # 190 is of Elektra, in a white suit, climbing the mountain where the Chaste live.

All this happened in '81 - '82 (dDD 168-190). Miller also did an 8 issue LS for EPIC "Elektra Assasin" in 1986 which tells the story before she made it to NY and a lot of her origin. Last year, D. G. Chichester did a 4 part series with Elektra as one of The Chaste against The Snakeroot, the even more powerful source behind The Hand, called "The Root of Evil".

Before that, she came back in the Fall from Grace series DD 318-325 and DD joined the Chaste in 350. Elektra had, since her rebirth, joined the Chaste, but left them because they did not take action enough. They were content to sit on the mountain, while she wanted to pull the snakeroot, right out of the ground.

Powers : She is a supremely skilled fighter. She really hasn't shown much more herself ... yet. The Chaste can "give" and "take" life at will, they are mildly telepathic, they have heightened senses like DareDevil, and they kick major butt ! I assume Elektra will be able to do the same if she has finally mastered the ways of The Chaste.

Elektra has begun as a monthly series from Marvel so expect to hear more about her in the future.

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