Xavier's Files : Warpath


Bio written by Ben Doucette 
Real Name : James Proudstar

Race: American Indian

Team : X-Force

Love+Intrests : Siren

Ability: He is a mutant who possesses superhuman strengh and speed.

History : His brother Thunderbird joined the X-Men. Then in his second mission Thunderbird died. James dooned the name Warpath and attacked the X-Men for revenge. Xavier calmed him down and he joined the Hellions. The Hellions were a team made to teach young mutants how to become criminals. During a fight all the Hellions died except Warpath, Firestar,and White Queen. He was bored and angry. He ended up back at Xavier's.Xavier decided it would be best for him to join X-Force to help Cable. There he fell in love with Sirin.

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