- Topanga Lawrence, 11th Grade High School Student living in Pennsylvania, dating Cory Matthews (Ben Savage), on "Boy Meets World"

Danielle Fishel was born in Mesa, Arizona on May 5, 1981, just a day before me. She moved with her family to California when she was three weeks old, like me but I didn't go to California, I went to Athens, Greece for about a year, then I went to California, and has resided there ever since. She knew she loved acting since she performed in community plays, and has been acting professionally since she was 10 years old.

Prior to starring in the hit TV show, Boy Meets World, Danielle performed in two theater productions, The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan. She signed with an agent and did several commercials and voice-overs. Her first break in acting came when she landed a recurring role on the TV show, Full House, guest starring as "Jennifer". She has also made guest appearances on the TV series Harry and the Hendersons, as "Jessica" and on the TV show Kirk as "Heather".

Danielle started off Boy Meets World with a recurring role, she was "Topanga", the wierd girl that Cory Matthews hated, and that Minkus was in love with. Danielle grew more popular with the audience and soon joined the Boy Meets World cast in 1993 as "Topanga". The show is in it's fifth season.

She hosted an inline skating video with Boy Meets World co-star, Rider Strong. It is titled "Grinders In Line", and is an instructional video, with lots of exciting in-line skating and skateboarding performed by Team Rollerblade, professional skaters.

Although Danielle is busy with the show, she would love to do a movie. Hopefully some of her fans will see her in a movie soon. I know her brother, Christopher Fishel, who is an actor, auditioned for a movie last summer. Her dream is to be the lead in a feature film playing a dramatic role.

Danielle currently writes her own column in "16 Magazine" titled "Danielle's Diary". The column covers a lot from celebrity interviews, a behind the scenes look at kids in show biz, to answers to frequently asked questions by fans and much more.

Danielle donates much of her time doing charity work for organizations. She also participated in the 1994 Sail With the Stars Cruise which raised thousands of dollars for Juvenile Diabetes.

In her free time, Danielle enjoys doing various activities which include skiing, roller blading, snowboarding, surfing, playing with her various animal, hanging out with friends, shopping, and reading and yet with her busy scheduale, she has time to come and chat with her fans and freinds at Celebrity Sightings. Her Mom, Jennifer, chat's also, she is the coolest adult that I have ever met.