Full Name Danielle Christine Fishel
Birthdate May 5, 1981
Residence Around Los Angeles, California, USA
Family Danielle has an 11 year old brother, Christopher. She lives with her mom (Jennifer), dad (Rick), and brother (Christopher).
Star Sign Taurus
Birthstone Emerald
Height 5'1" and 1 quarter inch
Weight 95 pounds
Nationality She is "A Maltese Mutt." Her mother is pure Maltese, and her father is a little bit of everything.
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue-Green
Pets A long haired Chihuahua named Tyson and a Husky-Lab. mix named Cassidy. She used to have a rat named Laser, an iguana and 2 Texas Collard Lizards named Bob and Wilma.
Sports She loves skiing. She also loves playing football. She plays it with the guys from "Boy Meets World"
Best Friend Jessica, which she has known since kindergarten.
Boy Friend Sorry guys! =) She has a boyfriend. His name is Mitch. He is 18 years old. Danielle describes him as 6ft 1", sweet, adorable and blonde!
Favorite Band Last time I heard from her, it was Counting Crows.
Favorite TV Show "Late Night With David Letterman" Danielle had a crush on David Letterman. =)
Car She has a black Toyota 4Runner
Favorite School Subjects Math and English
Favorite Colors Blue and Purple
Favorite Foods Steak, chinese, Skittles, potatoes, mocha frappucino, and frozen yogurt
Favorite actresses/actors Michelle Pfeiffer, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks
Favorite Flower Red Rose
Favorite Clothes Skirts, jeans, t-shirts, rings, SHOES!! She loves shoes. Last time I asked she had over 110 pairs, who knows how many she has now!
Most Prized Possesion Her "BU". It's a long story!!


"FULL HOUSE" Jennifer
"KIRK" Heather
And Several Commercials The latest one was KOOSH®
* was orginally just a guest star, but is now a member of the cast