Jennifer Fishel is one of the coolest adults I have ever met. She is like a mom to me. Always checking if I am doing good in school, making sure I do my homework and that I do good in school. She comes on Celebrity Sightings a lot and talks to Danielle's Fans, which happen to love Jenni because she is so caring. If you ever get the chance to meet her, don't miss out on it. I made a mistake once during a taping of Boy Meets World, I saw Jenni walk into the room but I didn't say Hi to her. I told her I saw her there and she got mad cause I didn't say anything, but I promised myself I wouldn't make that mistake twice, and January 15, 1998 is my chance to prove it. Here are some facts on Jenni:
Date Of Birth February 20, 1958
Eye Color Green
Hair Medium Brown
Place of Birth San Francisco, California
Favorite Food Kung Pao with Vegitable Fried Rice.
Hobbies Working out with Danielle.
Favorite Place to Visit Maui, Hawaii
Nationality Both her parents were born in Malta, which makes her pure Maltese.
Years Married 17
How She Met Rick She met Rick in high school as sophmores and started dating at 15! They dated all through high school and broke up for almost 2 years after graduating. They got married at 21 and moved to Arizona for Rick to finish school at ASU. Danielle was born 3 weeks before they moved to California.
College Not going to college is one of the things she regrets. She decided she would go to college later. But later was too late, she had already gotten married, gotten a job, and had kids. There was no more time for college.