Shayanna`s guide to Castle Combat, 2nd Edition

Well, It appears me first edition of Castle Combat guide became the standard.
Nae just for the Castle, but many rooms and for freestylers as well.
However, The old system is going on 2 years old and needs a revision.
One post kills are still pretty much illegal unless the other party agrees to it.
Here are some MAJOR changes.

Invincible characters can be killed by anyone, with anything in one post.
Notice I did nae say God characters?
I have seen many play "Gods" well and can be killed. So basically just invincible types now.

All combat should be turn based.
Ye should wait for ye opponent to react to ye attack.

My advice?
If ye are just starting, go freestyle.
The rules are pretty simple.

No one post kills.

No ''Im invincible'' stuff.

If ye start out freestyle, ye can have fun RPing while learning advanced structured game play from other systems from watching and asking a question here and there.

''How do I start playing freestyle?''

Many take Nintendo RPGs and the like they are familiar with to start off from.

(A good FF7 freestyler is downright DEADLY!)

There are somethings ye must take into consideration however.
Many are RP purists with their system and will flatly refuse to compromise.
Try to avoid them.

Another thing to remember is good sportsmanship.
If by some chance a fight is unavoidable and you know beyond the benifit of a doubt ye will win due to just RPing experiance alone.
Do nae decimate the newbie!
This is highly discouraging and upsetting and they may verywell nae try again.

Drag it out.
Purposely take a hit or two and let them get out of one or two of ye most devastating attacks.

This way when ye kill them they think more on the line of.
''DAMN!! I almost had him!''
This will encourage him to try again if they througly enjoyed it.
And if they PM ye and ask ye OOC for some advice, give them a few tips.

This will confuse the hell out of a newcomer.
Instead, just give them more of the universal rules for combat.

(Try asking Ash a simple question and watch what happens. *VBF*)

Learn enough of other systems to avoid a fight.
There will come a time when ye are going to up against someone who plays by their systems rules only and will expect ye to follow them.
This WILL lead to OOC arguments and being called lamer.

For example, If a VTM purist attacks me with a post of nothing but stats, numbers, and disiplines SOO long that I have to scroll threw them, I know an AD&D equivelent to avoid most basic disiplines.
Also know ye characters stats translated into that system.
In response to such an attack like that I would post something like..

(Dex 5, Dodge 3, Athletics 3)
I will then go etheral or Teleport.

This way combat is disengaged and no one is a lamer.

There are also different skill levels of both AD&D and VTM.
There are some players that are experts in their system and will take advantage of this even if the weaker player has a FAR stronger character.

(I am nae a saint in this respect either. But I have changed for the better.)

In a situation like this, flexability is the key.
Ye must be able to compromise.

If ye smell an OOC argument coming about, immedatly ignore the other party.
They will of course call ye Lamer, God character or whatever by ye opponent, but the rest of the room will secretly thank ye and ye will gain a little respect as one man can only argue with no one for so long. *G*

Here are some more ideas I have picked up from various rooms that make for outstanding role play.

Combat is fun. At least, for a lot of role-players among us. The chance to demonstrate your superior skill is something most of us will never get in real life. Thatís why itís done so much in role playing games. But, combat can be very frustrating and unsatisfactory when the players involved have little or no idea what theyíre doing. Thatís why this list of things to keep in mind when going into a fight.

And remember, it's (only) role-playing. It's a game people are supposed to enjoy playing. Fun for all is what the Castle is essentially all about.

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