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You never know what will be landing at the ConspirCity Airport, anything from a UFO to a top-secret militay aircraft.

I personally don't believe the weather balloon/project mogul story about Roswell, in my opinion something more than a balloon with some crash test dummies landed out there. As for Area 51, definatly a United States military test facility, no doubt in my mind. S-4 on the other hand, and the alleged UFO back-engineering, I think its very probible, but I don't rely on Bob Lazar's story. I think its possible that the U.S. government has alien technology in its posession, and is/was most likely at Area 51.

Area 51 Satalite Image
This image is courtsey of the United States Army, taken by a Landsat Thematic Mapping satellite on August 18, 1993. Fort Irwin, CA

Although its not a "black project" aircraft, the X-44a is/will be a very interesting experimental technology aircraft. If you notice in the artist conception above, there are no moveable control surfaces, or vertical stabalizers.

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