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Since about the time the House Select Committee on Assasinations was formed, I had an interest in the conspiracy surounding the assasination of J.F.K. Since then, I have seen Oliver Stones movie "J.F.K.", which reignited my interest, leading me to read and watch everything I can on the subject.

Was it the mafia? the C.I.A.? Cubans? Soviets? I tend to believe the mob did the actual hit, but it took inside information to do it. As an accessory to the crime, I hold the Warren Commision, and the House Select Comittee on Assasinations, both of which with held, supressed, or just plain ignored evidence. But, these are only my opinions, read and judge for yourself.

Someone posted a note on my guestbook that there was no evidence to support a conspiracy in the J.F.K. assasination. Well, in response, I am adding a page of facts that have lead me to believe their was a conspiracy.

J.F.K. assasination facts


The Zapruder Film(avi format)



2000 The Lone Gunman 1