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The things that make the crow movies special are what drives the movies. One may think that vengeance is one of the things that make these movies good. Maybe it does is some ways but it's not the whole of both movies. It's about a lot more then that, it's about real love, true and undieing love. Not many have felt it, I know I have but that is another story for another day.

The Crow is about loss, the loss of someone so special to you. There are many kinds of loss, some may see loss in variable amounts. In other words, I see loss as a constant. Everyone feels it and it is all equal to everyone else's loss. The loss that Eric Draven felt was the loss of his loved one, his fiance. He had real love. More correctly, he has real love. In this world and the next. I must point out that the loss of a son or daughter is equal to this loss. I will never say that the two losses from both of the movies where greater in anyway. I respect everyone's loss because I have mine. I have many losses, all equal in the pain that they are causing me. The movies are wonderful pieces of art, I hope that you will watch them and try and relate to them.

Respect them as I do.

Thank you.
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