"Today is a good day to fight -- Today is a good day to die."
       Crazy Horse, Oglala Lakota Sioux

Welcome to my world. In case you are wondering how to pronounce the name xoandre, try this: zoh - and - err. That is the closest phonetic pronunciation.

Latest Updates: 09.27.2006!


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Revolution is evolution.
My revelations may disillusion your reality.

I am the obscure creature that your parents never warned you about.

How will the world end?   ...   Should I care?

I have foreseen the future and it makes me WEARY.

My world is the abyss that no one expected. This is my soul. I have created this persona, this place for the convenience of being able to freely express all that I wish to divulge to the world. I am eccentric and insane; I proclaim anarchy yet strictly follow the rules; I support the things many people think of as evil; I think evil of the many things that are popularly supported. I am an everlasting oxymoron with an ego you may admire or despise. Just remember that we all choose our path in life and if you don't like the path I have chosen, let me be and go jump in the lake!

This is my personal homepage. When you clicked whatever link it was that brought you here, I progressed one more step toward fame. My aspirations may offend some, but who in this world does not offend someone else? Diversity of micro-culture within the culture of a society is so commonplace that it is impossible to please everyone. So I choose to please my self and let the world hear my voice and opinions. Many may not like what they read here, but it is what must be said, as there are many of us who remain silent yet feel the way that I do on much of what I say here.

Are you confused yet? Am I spitting out too many BIG WORDS for you? Try this:

I refuse to devolve my use of words that are not as commonplace in spoken language as others. I am one person who DOES speak like this in everyday conversations. I write as I speak. Sometimes I may write with great clarity, as I am now. Other times I may write simplistically and even the most idiotic of people would understand all that I say and mean.

So thank you for visiting my world. Stick around and explore the nooks and crannies of this website and I hope you will take the time to write a note to me in my Group. Don't forget that I have written well over TWO HUNDRED POEMS - and they are (almost) all online HERE and NOW! Also take a look at my art, read a rant or even cook up one of the recipes that are floating in my mind. Welcome to my world.


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