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The Gods of Terra Dyne

Young Acolyte,

Over six millennia ago, Attrice the Terrible and Tarantin were locked in battle for Terra Dyne. Attrice created the Titans to take control of all aspects of Terra Dyne. But soon the Titans overthrew their father and created the plethora of lesser races that populated the lands: humans, elves, dwarves and all the others. The Titans each claimed an sphere of power and their children worshipped them until they themselves became gods. As the world grew from its infancy, each region and racial group broguht power to its favored gods. The demi-human gods sought seclusion, but the gods of the humans formed into their own symbiotic group.

Though some gods are worshipped in several regions, the Northlandish gods are the largest group, following the largest population. The Tokiwa-Dai gods combine the former titans with numoerus forces of the cosmos. Those gods in the Land of Five Cities are sparce, like the nomadic groups who serve them. Many of the Southlandish gods have faded in popularity since the drying of the sea.

Some of the titans have died and others have taken their place among the hierarchy of the gods. So let this temple of stars and sky serve as your first stop of your theological journey.

-- Preface to the Deitilor Philosinae

Note: These religions may not be used in the Games of Saberhaven.