Leia Organa Solo's Roleplay Logs

I used to play the Leia FC on the Star Wars MUSH. These are the roleplay logs I collected during that time.

All my logs have been converted into HTML format for easier reading, and are only to provide OOC knowledge. In no way, shape, or form is the content to be used for IC information.

Leia can also be found in the roleplay logs of Luke Skywalker and Jessalyn.

Leia Organa-Solo

Application To The Roleplay Administration This was my application for the Leia Feature Character.

Roleplay Test For The Leia Feature Character This was my roleplay test for the Leia Feature Character.

Discussions With Chewbacca And Jessalyn Leia and Chewie discuss the Han situation while on the NRV Alderaan.

Negotiations With The CSA Leia is given a message requesting a holo meeting with ExO Dillon of the CSA. She contacts him and they speak briefly before the orbit of the planet abruptly ends the transmission.

Luke And Leia Meet Roark Leia is on the bridge of the NRV Alderaan and is surprised by the arrival of her brother. She catches him up on the current situation.

Winter Returns To The NRV Alderaan Leia is on the bridge of the NRV Alderaan when a transmission comes through with a familiar callname. The shuttle, piloted by Winter, docks on the Alderaan and shortly after arriving, Winter collapses from injuries sustanined during her imprisonment by the CSA and in her escape efforts.

A Lesson In The Force Luke discusses some things with Leia to better prepare her for when they go to face Sabbath to get Han back.

Luke And Leia Confront Sabbath On Palanhi Luke, Leia and Winter go to Palanhi to search for Sabbath. Jessalyn stows away on the ship. Luke and Sabbath have a lightsaber duel. Log provided by Luke.

Leia Collapses On Calamari While on Calamari, Leia collapses in the starport and suffers from some fear/fatigue induced hallucinations.

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This picture of Leia was drawn by Jessalyn.