Kelan's Nest of Friends...

Greetings once again from the Elven Empire.. I have so many friends now with their own pages, I figured it was time to make a page dedicated to them... Enjoy...

Friends from the Articulate and their Homepages

  • Amy's Amazing Corner My real-life fiance!!!!!!!
  • The world according to Seven Need I say more!!!
  • The Merry Prankster's Home page Another good friend of mine from the "Art" who owes me twenty bucks!!
  • Casey's Home Page Yet another good friend from the Articulate
  • Lady Poca's Homepage A Great friend of mine from the Art!!! One of the first one I had there!!!!
  • FoxyRogue's Home Page What can I say I have a lot of Art Friends...

    Friends from my wanderings around the web

  • Rose's Animated Gif Emporium Great place for animated gifs
  • Mike's Home Page Great wav page and many extras (A must for users of powwow!!!!)
  • Sandy's Home Sweet Home Another great page for faces for the faceless!!!(Very cool page for powwow users)
  • Vampiress Homepage A real-life friend..*wonders if anyone believes he has r/l friends*

    Friends from Geocities

  • The Prince of Darkness Great source for gifs If I have missed your page in my list, please forgive me and drop me a line or sign my guestbook and I will add your page as soon as I can..Take care!!!!

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