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First Appearance: GREEN LANTERN #59 (March, 1968)
Name: Guy Gardner
Height: 6' 2" (normal size) up to 9' (in Warrior form)
Weight: 240 lbs. (normal size) up to 750 lbs. (in Warrior form).
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Orange Red
Occupation: Super hero, Adventurer, BarKeep.
Known Relatives:unnamed Gardner (Father) ,Peggy Louise Gardner (mother), Mace Gardner aka Militia (brother, deceased) ,Cardone (great, great, great, great, great, great ,great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, Grand Father), Dementor (genetic brother few thousand years removed, only other living vuldarian).
Known Enemies: Major Force, Dementor, Sledge, Quarom.
Known Allies:Buck Wargo and the Monster Hunters (Buck Wargo, Rita Muldoon, Joey Hong, Veronna, Tiger-Man(Desmond Farr.)) Green Lantern, Justice League
Strength Level:Unrevealed, but rivals that of SuperMan and Doomsday.
Powers:The ability to change parts of his body into weapons and armor,the ability to increase his size, mass all of which increase his strength. Guardner can turn into a various array of preprogramed Vuldarian weapons, along with basic weapons like swords and knives these weapons can also be thrown, with no adverse affects to Gardner. Gardner also posses the ability to absorb, and metabolize certain forms of energy. Another part of his Vuldarian heritage Gardner seldom uses s to access the memory of other Vuldarians, in his memory he has the access to various forms of alien martial arts and combat techniques. All of these make Guy an excellent warrior.
Abilities: Brawler.
Weapons: Guy Gardner's body is a a living weapon programed to transform into various weapons, from guns, to knives, swords, and energy weapons.
Fighting Skills: Street fighting techniques, and Vuldarian Martial Arts.
Group Affiliation:Member of Justice League America
Base of Operations: New York City, New York. The Warrior Bar/Gym/Nightclub


_____Born Guy Gardner to Peggy Louise Gardner, Guy was the product of thousands of years of preparation on the part of a group of aliens, called the Vuldarians. Coming to earth Thousands of years ago, after the near extinction of their race on a journey to discover a species they could breed reproduce with, eventually after going to many worlds, and splicing many genetic structures to their own, they tried to blend theirs' with humans to crate a new breed of Vuldarian warrior to defend the Universe from the Tormoks, a race of aliens out to destroy, ravage, and simply screw up everything.

_____When the Vuldarians finally settled in the Naba jungle they mixed their structures with the people their unfortunately one of them, a Witch doctor in question feared the Vuldarians popularity among his people, and sabotaged the first attempt and Vuldarian/Human cross breeding, resulting in a monster named, Dementor .

_____Baby Dementor went on a killing spree he was eventually sent to some form of limbo, and the Witch doctor transported himself to another dimension, and faked his own death. After that the Vuldarians figured it would be best to plant Vuldarian DNA in a human and let it mature over time into new form of Vuldarian Breed, after the ingestion of some catalyst in a temple in the Naba jungle, and guess who that Vuldarian breed turned out to be Guy Gardner.

_____Supposedly the Vuldarian programming in guy planted a since of justice, and subconscious erge to find power, this led to Guy Becoming a Green Lantern, and after that attaining Sinestros yellow power ring.

_____Guy started out as an idealistic football player, who turned into a lawyer, and during this time, he first met Hal Jordan while Hal was in jail for drunk driving charges right after he first received his ring, later Guy Became a Green Lantern, during his time he helped support the GL Corps taking a little vacation in comaville, coming back a harder meaner Guy Gardner and help to found a new one, later in a battle with Jordan on who would get to protect earth as the Official Green Lantern of that sector, he lost to Jordan in a hand to hand fight and lost his ring and membership in the corpse. Later he tricked Lobo into helping him find Sinestro's yellow power ring on the planet Oa's Green Lantern burial hall, and started his new carrier with the ring in his possession. Unfortunately even thou he had the a new power ring it still would loose it's charge at a moments notice, even during fights, so he eventually had Blue Beetle create a new suit of armor for himguyg.jpg so he'd finally have something he could count on. When Hal Jordan finally snapped due to years of manipulations from the Guardians of The Universe who started the GL Corps he defeated the several Green Lanterns in battle, killed a reborn Sinsestro, and absorbed the power of the central battery witch powered all the Green Lanterns and evens Guy's ring that came from the central battery. Without his ring Guy fought Hal once again in the Blue Beetle's armor and was defeated and put into another coma. After being powerless once again he teamed up with Buck Wargo and his Monster hunters in an attempt to attain super-powers in order to get back into the fight against Hal, and help his girlfriend Ice, and the Justice League America. Believing the entire adventure a one in a million chance at powers he met up with them in the Naba Jungle, and with their help made it to the ancient Temple the Vuldarains had left for him, and drank from the sacred Warrior Waters, and had his full potential realized releasing dormant memories planted by the Vuldaraians along with his powers, believing himself to be turned into some kind of freak, and blaming the Vuldarians his guide Cardone, shut down his memories again, and slowed his powers down until he could come to grips with the situation.


_____Even without knowing his full potential Guardner set out on an eloustrious super-hero carrier that led him to saving the President's life from terrorist, and exposing a secret government agency that his brother works for. When Gardner caused to much trouble for the agency they sent Major Force after him, who proceeded to try to kill guy's mom and shove her in the refrigerator. During the ensuing fight Green Lantern (Kyle Raynor) showed up and lended guy a hand when Major Force threw a bus full of people at Guy, while he made his escape. When Gardner return to his mom's house Green Lantern noticed that the refrigerator door was open, and remembered it was the same thing he saw when Major Force killed his own girlfriend for information on him, and his power ring. Fortunately for Guy and his mother she was out of town, unfortunately for his mother's neighbor she was house sitting, and was the one to be killed. Eventually Green Lantern, and Guy teamed up together, and went after Quorum

_____Eventually Gardner's denial led to a breakdown over the control over his powers and his powers began to flare whenever he was around a alien, as in the case when he fought SuperMan. Eventually he gained some control over his powers after a Tormok attack and Buck Wargo, exposed him to the device that catalyzed his vuldarian heritage, and sent his mind into the device where he confronted his ancient ancestor Cardone, who made Guardner go through one of the most significant moments in Cardone's life a led to the death of his beloved. When Guardner finally came out of the induced experience he embraced his heritage, and powers. Armed with the truth about himself and the Tormoks he set out on a preemptive strike against the Tormoks with the help of the Justice League America. Defeating the Tormoks and killing there leader Bronkk with the help of his ancestor Cardone, Guardner completed his main mission in life, and he and the JLA returned to earth.

Notes of Interest:
Guy Gardner has probably been in more coma's than any other super hero.
While Gardner and Jordan are near the same age Gardner used his GL ring to slow his aging process right after he received it.
Guardner has had at least 3 separate rings on separate occasions 2 GL rings and Sinestro's.
Dementor Used Guy's Morphing power to turn him into a Gal.
Gardner, and Steel were on the same College football team.
Guardner's Brother was a cop turned government Supervillan called Milita out to kill Guy. Guy has two hearts after having one ripped out by Major Force, it jump started his powers and he ultimately killed him.

Important comics you should read
GG Warrior Year One - Guy live's a part of Cardon's life
GG Warrior #0 - Guy remembers his first meeting with Cardone
GG Warrior #22 - Guy comes out of coma and starts search for Buck Wargo, in order to get powers.
GG Warrior #23 - Guy drinks the Warrior Waters
GG Warrior #25 - Guy fights his brother Dementor in Comaville
GG Warrior #26 - Guy Saves President
GG Warrior #28 - Guy teams with the new Green Lantern, and fights Qurom and Major Force to find his brother
GG Warrior #34 - Guy, the JLA, Lobo, and the Bad One, finnaly defeat the Tormoks, and Guy kill's there leader with the help of Cardone, for his crimes against the Vuldarians.
GG Warrior #35 - Guy saves depowered Green Lanterns from his evil clone.

warriors.jpg The Opening of Warriors (Guy Gardner Warrior issue #29)

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