I Want it Now, I Don't Care How Insignificant or Unimportant you might think it is I'm Bored

- Hello all, and welcome to my web page, I have no real idea what I'm going to do here but I figure after thinking about it for a while I'll figure out something to do with this space.

_ Any way if you look down the list of websites you might find a few things you're interested in too. If you have any questions e-mail me at thseeker@yahoo.com and remember I'm new at this so bare with me and send me some suggestions, and ideas. I think I might have given the wrong address so try this one

By the way you're number since 10/17/96.


Ok my name is Dave but you can call me whatever you like I don't really care (but if you want to call me something other that Dave call me Beast, Sasquatch, Goliath, or Big D). What I will tell you is that I'm kinda strange (had to get that out of the way so people won't read all this and then call me a freak :)). I'm interested in comics, science fiction, knowledge, and answers to every question conceivable . I know there are a lot out there but I figure no one's like me and thank goodness for that, or the world would be in real trouble. OK to continue I have plans to put links of assorted kinds including anything anyone can suggest, so my ears are open so give me some ideas. Also if you want more information on anything on my webpages, or want to some of the graphics e-mail me at my above adress.

X Spiderman 2099 niteman.jpgThe Night Man nomad.jpgNomad stryker2.jpgStryker tstrike2.jpgThunderStrike steel2.jpgSteel guy2.jpgGuy Gardner Warrior

New Extinsions, links, modifications, and complete overhauls are coming, I can't say to what all I can say is this and all my pages are UNDER PERMANENT CONSTRUCTION .

Coming Soon
CyberForce/Stryke Force Home Page

The Stryker Home Page The Four armed cybernetic mutant from Stryke Force and CyberForce.

Other Parts Of My Web Page

Nomad's Home Page one of my favorite characters.
The Seeker's "X" Home Pagethis page isn't anything about the X-Men but X from DarkHorse Comics
Nomad's Home Page one of my favorite characters.
Spiderman 2099 Home page
The Night Man Home Page
The ThunderStrike Home Page
The Steel Home Page
The Guy Gardner Warrior Page
The Stryker Home Page The Four armed cybernetic mutant from Stryke Force and CyberForce.
The Seeker's Smurf Page
The Seeker's Page O' Marvel Links
The Seeker's Page O' DC Links Part
The Seeker's Page O' Image Links Indipendent comics (Image, Dark Horse, and others)
The Seeker's Page of Anime and Cartoon Links

Search Engines
All the majaor search engines at once.
AltaVista: Main Page

Also I have to give credit to all those I've copied links from in order to build my page most of witch or in my top site list, under part 1 of my links.

Most of the stuff on this age is Trademarked by, Marvel, DC, and Image comics. Along with numerous other companies that I'm not sure of. I hereby take no credit for the creation of these characters they are trademarked by numerous companies including the above mentioned. I do this for the fun of it and to alleviate bordom not for profit.

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