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The Night Man
- Profile

Name:Jonny Domino (Birth name: Domingo)
Height:6' 1"
Weight:185 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Occupation:Jazz performer, Adventurer.
Known Relatives:Eddie Domingo (Father)
Known Enemies:Mangle, Rhiannon, JD Hunt, TNTNT, and Loki.
Known Allies:Rhiannon, Gale Yee, The Strangers
Strength Level:Above average athlete
The Night Man and Wolf Powers: There are 2 now nightmen. The NightMan accidently created a duplicate of himself while in the possesion of a Infinity Gem witch controls one of the 6 aspects that control reality. I will first explain the one with the original powers then the one who had his powers magnified. NightMan 1 (in the Marvel Universe now) he posses night vision which makes him vulnerable to even average light, second both NightMen have had the sleep centers of there brains' destroyed, and lastly he posses the ability to read evil thoughts, but only evil thoughts, and can not read normal thoughts such as what someone is thinking about when watching TV.
The second NightMan (still in the Ultraverse) posses the same nightvison, the inability to sleep. But instead of reading evil thoughts he see's auras and black auras which stand out brighter than most so he can see someone evil coming instead of reading their thoughts. Another ability is the power to step into shadows almost becoming part of them with only a thin outline of parts of his body showing. The last and final power he is known to posses is near immortality that is achieved through the organ replacement and digestion of humans, the benefactor of these powers is Rhiannon who instructs him and is over 2000 thousand years old already.
Abilities: Marital Artist, Computer hacker, Musician, and detective.
Weapons and Paraphernalia: Originally both nightmen used tasers the newest one can discharge electricity from his hands at will, in the past he used a gun on rare occasions but now uses a magic Celtic dagger which after being thrown cannot be removed by anyone but him, and possess the ability to locate the dagger mentally from any location, another ability the second night man posses is the ability to control a magical rope like an Indian Fakir's it can be used to climb, and to trap and bind. Both NightMen both use telephoto zoom lens video cameras with the lens attached over their left eyes', this gives them video of anything they see to be seen later and telescoping infrared vision with an additional regular night vision lens in the other eye.
Fighting Skills: an expert in Akido, and I believe he has layered some other styles over that.


Born Johnny Domingo, the Night Man changed his name to Johnny Domino for the effect after becoming a famous jazz musician. Trained since childhood in Akido, along with the training he received from his father who saw the use of martial arts during his time inthe military and Vietnam. A police officer, Eddie Domingo

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nightman for tvThe Night Man is coming back so read this clip from The Smash Magazinepage at

Meanwhile, Marvel Comics will have its first live-action series since The Incredible Hulk, withthe coming of Tribune's Night Man. The series is basedon the Malibu Comics property, which is now owned by Marvel. Set in San Francisco at the turn of the 21st century, Night Man combines genresto give us Johnny Domino. He's a teacher during the day, and a jazz musician in the SF clubs at night. When a freak cosmic accident leaves Johnny near dead, it also gives him eerie superpowers. He decides to use those powers to fight crime, prowling the rooftops of the city as NightMan!

Although the lead actor for Night Man will be announced soon, we didn't want to hold off on this exclusive any longer. The series will beproduced by Glen Larson, no stranger to super-hero shows himself, with Six Million Dollar Man, Automan, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Knight Rider, and other popular series under hisbelt. Night Man will have 22 hours, premiering September 1997!

For more info on the new NightMan series go to The Official Television Home Page

I must beg of you if you've only seen the series please do not judge the comic by it. My expectations for the show have been depressing since I saw the pilot.

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