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Welcome to The Seeker's OLD Nomad Home Page

- Real Name: Jack Monroe
Former aliases: Bucky II, Scourge V Height:5' 11"
Weight:200 lbs.
Current Group Membership: none, Friend of the undergrounders
Former Group Membership: none
Known Relatives: Bucky (adopted daughter), Jill Monroe (sister) unnamed mother and father
Known Allies: Giscard Epurer, The Undergrounders, Captain America I, Demolition Man, The Falcon, and Diamond Back.
Known Enemies:Bart Ingrid, Doctor Faust (deceased), The Viper, and Zaran.
Strength Level:The Super-Soldier formula has fine-tuned his body to almost the height of human perfection. His strength, endurance, speed, agility, and reaction time are all near human perfection. While not as strong as Captain America he can lift (press) 500 pounds.
Powers: none, The Super-Soldier formula has fine-tuned his body to almost the height of human perfection. His strength, endurance, speed, agility, and reaction time are all near human perfection. While not as strong as Captain America he can lift (press) 500 pounds.
Abilities:Olympic-level athlete with gymnastic and combat training from Steve Rogers. Cat Burglar, and other infiltration skills.
Weapons: 2 stun disk that can be equipped with ropes and glass cutters, twelve gauge pump action shot gun, (most times loaded with blanks), super soldier gun, and other weapons as needed.
Fighting Skills: Jack Monroe is a master of several forms of unarmed combat and is ranked one of the best in the world.


_____Jack Monroe's story starts in a small town in Clutier, Iowa, born December 7th, 1941 on Pearl Harbor Day. Jack's father was a nazi sympathizer along with many others in the community, in order to assure that Jack, and his older sister kept the secret his father beat them both mercilessly whenever they entered the basement full of nazi paraphernalia. Unfortunately simply beating a small child is not going to secure his silence. One day at show and tell little Jack brought in a swastika arm band for show, and tell, and obviously the entire town was under some kind of investigation and he was confronted by F.B.I. agents. After some soda, and ice cream to coerce the young Jack the eventually bust Jack's parent's along with many other father coconspirators through out the town. As a result of the beatings and the trial after words leading to his father's death along with the splitting up of half the towns families Jack buried most of his past in his subconscious and never revealed it to anyone even to himself.

_____As a teenager Jack was enrolled in the Lee School for Boys in Connecticut, where he met a history teacher named "Steve Rogers" who shared his worship of the WW II hero Captain America. The meeting was not coincidental but planed in an effort to rekindle the Captain America legend. Knowing how patriotic both of them were the government put Jack into that possession in an effort to turn a boy raised who's father was a nazi sympathizer into a patriot fighting against such evil. When "Steve" found the notes for the Super-Soldier formula in the notebooks of a Nazi spy and used it to become the fourth Captain America to combat an impostor Red Skull, and Jack became the third person to adopt the "Bucky" role.bucky.jpg Unfortunately side effects from the incomplete Super-Soldier treatment that left out the Vita-Ray treatment the original Captain America underwent drove both him, and Captain America IV into a hyper-paranoid state. While in there dimensia both went after Nazi's and suspected Nazi sympathizers, killing many in the process. Eventually they were captured by Hoover's FBI agents, both of them were placed in suspended animation.

_____In the 1970s they were released by a disgruntled government worker, and went on rampage until captured by Captain America I, the Falcon, and Sharon Carter. They were again placed in suspended animation, until Dr. Faustus gained custody of them. He brainwashed Captain America IV, and used him in a plot against Captain America I. Later the Captain America IV committed suicide, and tried to kill Jack due to Faustus mental tampering. When Dr. Faustus' plan failed, Jack underwent years of nomad24.jpg psychiatric therapy, mixed with cerebral stimulants, and depressants while undergoing mental conditioning to fit the new governments idea of American values including the Vietnam police action. Later he was put into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, and finally after being released sought apprenticeship and under his idol the Original Captain America. Donning the Nomad identity, and going the spandex, and mask route teaming up with the Falcon, Demolition Man, along with Captain America.

_____After a time he struck out as a total independent fighting Ulysses Lugman alias The Slug, a crimelord dealing in drugs, guns, and prostitution. After a prostitute informant was killed he investigated and found out her parents were old southern millionaires, and that the her pimp was in on the death while at the same time being a friend of there's due to fathering there grandchild. Later he found out the pimp killed her, due to information she had on him regarding the government, drugs, and a really biiiiiig gun. In the process he rescues a prostitutes daughter from the same pimp. Seeing the mother as a teenage prostitute, addicted to numerous drugs including crack cocaine, he adopts the daughter himself, and seeing how the child had no name, he named her Bucky. nomad26.jpgTraveling the country with Bucky he runs into The Punisher, DeadPool, Gambit, and of course Captain America, but most important other than Bucky through out the series is Giscard Epurer, who plays a pivotal part in the entire series pushing Jack into different situations, but along the way Jack makes somewhat normal Friends called the Undergrounders consisting of prostitutes, conartist, and small time thieves, which continue to get him into trouble, while at the same time giving his life a little more meaning. During this time Epurer, finds Bucky's mother, rehabilitates her and trains her in martial arts in order to take her daughter back, after she steals her daughter back, seeing how the mother is finally able to take care of herself he gives Bucky back to her.

_____A short time later he is kidnapped by Dr. Faust who brainwashed him again and turns him into a Nazi Hitman out to kill the Slug so Faust can corner the Drug Market in Miami. Thankfully Captain America intervenes, and stops him from killing the Slug, then Nomad reveals his past to Captain America, after Cap stops him form killing one person Nomad goes after Faust and then Cap stops him form killing Faust, later Faust is sent to a minimum security prison with tennis courts, and swimming pools where Jack breaks in, and kills him. Trying to take some down time, his life catches up with him when a boy from his home town named Bart Ingrid, who becomes a senator, and starts the old Nazi and white supremicist camp outside of Jacks old home town, fearing Jack's intervention her hires the assassin Zaran to kill him. With some of Epurer's manipulation before hand Zaran sends Jack after Epurer, who sets Jack on the right course to defeating the camp, and save the country from a race war. After sending in Bucky's mom to spy on the camp, unfortunately she is unprepared and killed, later Jack comes home , and finds out his mom, and sister are still alive. nomadGiven the address for the camp he is put in a no when situation when confronted by a super Nazi named 88, armed with the super-soldier gun. Taking over mental control of the gun he destroys the camp and most of his adversaries there. After hearing of Nomad's attack Bart Ingrid, plans to start a race war by becoming a Martyr and setting off a bomb in congress, fortunately Nomad intervenes and kills Ingrid, saves all of congress but is rendered unconscious, thankfully for him a friend of his in the FBI who was assigned by the government to kill him, switches his body with another and puts him back in suspended anatimion while letting everyone else believe he's dead. After his apparent death Bucky is put in Giscard's custody.

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The Newest Nomad was written by Fabien Nicenza who is one of the best writers ever.

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