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- Real Name: Miguel O'Hara


Real Name: Miguel O'Hara
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Known Relatives: Concheta O'Hara (mother),George O'Hara (legal father), Tyler Stone (illegitimate father), Gabriel O'Hara (half brother), Kron Stone (half brother and Venom 2099).
Known Enemies: Vulture 2099, Goblin 2099, the Stark/Fujiwaka Corporation, and most of the world.
Strength Level: I guess it is around class 10 super human strength

The genetic altering Spider-Man 2099 underwent gives him super human strength that is yet undetermined, yet I assume it is around class 10 super human strength, he also posses super human agility, reflexes, and accelerated sight (night vision, and somewhat telescopic). He also climbs walls via talons or claws as you might call them located on all his fingers and toes that are capable of hooking into concrete, and other dense materials, and have been seen to chop through a broad sword. Miguel travels via spider webs that come naturally from the top part of his forearms whenever he tenses the muscles the in that area or his arm is squeezed hard enough which can be done by a normal human, assisting his talons and webbing in transportation is lyte byte cloth he uses for gliding that he attained off of a hanglider in his era. To round off all of his known powers is the one he has used only twice, he has fangs witch emit a venom of unknown qualities, and abilities, the venom was used once on a giant that held him in an alternate dimension in one hand the affects caused great pain allowing Spider-Man time to escape, the second time he used it was in a last ditch effort against a cyborg name Risqué, the affects parlayed her, and she has not been seen since.

Abilities:Genetic engineer, acrobat.
Occupation: Genetic engineer, part time CEO, and President of Alchemex when he has the time.


Miguel O'Hara is the current incarnation of Spider-Man in his era. Miguel was born a child protagee in all areas excelling mainly in the sciences physical, and hypothetical. Before being sent off to an Alchemex boarding school he suffered from an abusive father (George O'Hara) who constantly beat him his brother, and his mother. Growing up in this environment he became highly cynical and protective of his younger brother Gabrial. On his first day at the Alchemex boarding school he met two of the most important people in his life Xina his future lover, and friend, but most importantly Kron Stone his half brother and Venom 2099. After graduating from the boarding school/academy. He started working at Alchemex and became a department head. While working there he becomes involved in a project to restructure people's gene's to create "corporate raiders" which can climb walls and sneak into other companies. Basically give them "spider-like" powers. In attempt to keep Miguel working for the company his boss and head of Alchemex Tyler Stone slipped him a legal narcotic called Rapture that can only be obtained legally through Alchemex. In an attempt to get the drug out of his system he goes through gene splicing process, while unbeknownst to him a rival tampers with the machines and mixes his program with the corporate raider program turning mild mannered (but cynical) Miguel O'Hara into Spider-Man 2099. Stuck with these storage abilities he escapes the burning lab and jumps out a 100 or so storie window to try to commit suicide, but he comes to his senses, and grabs hold of the wall surpassingly and then is picked up by a Thorite ( a Thor worshiper ) who ask him who he is. He replies "Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Spider-Man take your pick.". The Thorite worshiper sees any super-hero connected to Thor as a sign from god, and gives Spider-Man his hanglider material to cover himself up until he finally gets home. Being tracked by a cyborg tracker to his home he put's on a masquerade costume from The Day of The Dead festival in Mexico he went to last year since it's made out of unstable molecules because he wanted something tough to wear while he was on his drunken binge. Putting on the costume and the Lyte byte material from the hanglider on the back of his costume he leaps from the window, and Spider-Man 2099 is born.

Through his adventures he has run into all sorts of individuals, strangest of all the things to happen to him is a religion based on him being he harbinger of Thor and people thinking him some sort of prophet. Calling themselves Spiderites they cause Spider-Man more trouble than just about any villain.

This Page is constantly expanding so if you have and comments questions or ideas send them I'll try to answer you as soon as possible, and will apreciate any help expecially graphics of Spider-Man 2099 or just about any comic charecter.

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