Keywords: Seeker Comics Comic Stryker Cyberforce Cyber Force Rip Claw Black Anvil Image Top Cow Silvestri Marc Arms Heatwave Cyblade Kill Razor Tempest Chip Timmie Mercenary Super Hero CodeName: StrykeForec Stryke Force Welcome To My Stryker Page, I've devoted this space to everyones favorite four armed cybernetic mutant, because no one else had done it, and I thought it was about time some did. So if any of you have any ideas, gifs, or just stuff to help me out mail me, I need all the help I can get.


Name:Morgan Stryker
Current Aliases: none
Former Aliases:
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 475
Eyes: Green and Red
Hair: Blond
Occupation: Adventurer and Mercenary .
Former Occupations: Army officer, CIA opperative, S.H.O.C. Current Group MembershipCyberForce
Former Group MembershipStrykeForce, SHOCS, CIA, US Army, Special Forces
Known Relatives:
Known Allies:Cyber Force, StrykeForce, StormWatch
Known Enemies:CyberData, S.H.O.C.s
Strength Level: Ten tons per bionic arm, and the rest of Stryker is above average athlete
Powers: Super-Human Strength, a bionic eye, that increases his sight, along with giving him night vision giving him superhuman aim Dut to his intense military and personal training, Stryker is an exalent marksman, and hand-to-hand combatant. With the addition of his cybernetic attachments, Stryker is able to brake down a single arm into weapons, on one occasion when he and the wrest of the team were captured, a small pinpoint laser came out and severed his bonds, after which he broke an arm down into 3 guns, and a bow with arrows for Bloodbow. He has also been seen to turn his hand into grappling hook, and made small grappling claws pop out of his knuckles.
Weapons: various energy firing handguns and rifles
ParaphernaliaCyberdata Jump jet
Fighting Skills: Extensive military training, along with special technique using all four of his arms.
Other Abilities: Master Tactician, and soldier
_ Stryker is a cybernetically enhanced mutant born with 4 fully functioning arms. Spending most of his young life as an outcast at a orphanage for abandoned mutant children, where he met his future Teammate in Stryke Force BloodBow. When Stryker approached military age he joined the US Army, and served in a special platoon made up of mutants, one of which was the mutant S.H.O.C. (Special Hazardous Operations Cyborg) Buzzcut aka Trent Peterson one interesting fact is that both he and Stryker had three right arms. Peterson rose to the Rank of sergeant while Stryker was a leutenent and first in command. During One mission imparticular Peterson went into a mad bloodlust while searching for VietKong soldiers and slaughtered almost the entire village before Stryker could take him down, and was about to kill him, and it took the combined efforts of the entire platoon to pull him of Peterson. During this time someone thought that it was strikers platoon fight the Kong and sent in an air strike that cost Stryker his three right arms. Later on he was experimented on by a Dr. Reinbek who gave him his first set of cybernetic arms, a life-lengthening alixer. Escaping from Reinbek sometime later, Stryker began a new career that spanned the CIA, as well as various other Mercenary groups one of which was with Rancor, a now lifelong enemy of Stryker bent on his destruction, after Stryker was forced to leave him behind on a mission. Eventually Stryker was recruited by CyberData where he was given his present arms, and sensory enhancements, along with a brainbox which controlled his actions, and made him loyal to Cyberdata. Stryker stayed with Cyberdata until Dr. Corben removed his brain box and inspired him to fight against the company. Leading him to Joining CyberForce, where he now serves with Heatwave, Ripclaw, Cyblade, Impact, Velocity, and occasionally Ballistic. Sometime later Stryker was tricked into a mission and recruited the members of StrykeForce. Recruiting his old friend Bloodbow, who brought along another operative named Phade who disappeared when the time limit on his power went beyond its norms, a another agent named Icarus who was killed by the Black Angel's men when he tried to steal a Soviet Sub, and last but not least Black Anvil. During this same mission he rescued the mutant KillRazor, and battled Tempest, all of which he recruited later. Unfortunately Bloodbow was killed on a mission on Stormwatch's base SkyWatch, and replaced by a alien shape changer that impersonated him for months until she was finally forced to reveal herself when Stryker saw her impaled, and told the team Bloodbow was dead, while at the same time he was injured and had severe damage done to his components, and had all three of his cybernetic arms forcibly ripped off. On their final mission together they defeated a legion of alien shapechangers, after which they were Stryker fed up with the teams defeats and all the responsibility finally disbanded the team and is currently staying with soley with CyberForce.

More info Coming on Stryker and Stryke Force When available.
Morgan Stryker, Cyberforce, Codename Stryke Force, and all other characters listed above are owned by Top Cow productions and is done without there knowledge or help.

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