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Hi all, and welcome all to the ThunderStrike Home Page . Most of you coming to this section of my web page have no Idea who ThunderStrike is or more precisely was. ThunderStrike was a marvel comic character cut in his prime for some unknown reason, maybe because they wanted to cancel him, or make him a martyr. Either way ThunderStrike was one of my favorite characters and in a way still is. Originally thunderstrike started out in Marvel comics The Mighty Thor, Eric Masterson aka ThunderStrike, bonded with Thor creating somewhat of a dual character. They were not the same person but they did share their thoughts, and only one could exist physically at one time, the process is something akin to Rick Jones, and Marvels Captain Marvel, or Thor/Donald Blake but with Thor/Blake there was always the same mind and Blake was really Thor. But to get back on the subject Eric Masterson met Thor and Hercules helped them on various battles, eventually Masterson was almost killed taking a blast to save the weakend Thor. Thor lifted the near dead Masterson, and asked his father Odin to save him. Odin still somewhay enraged at Thor for turning down Asguard for midguard (Earth) bonded the two, giving Thor a stronger connection to Earth, after Thor's return Odin gave Masterson a mace and he became ThunderStrike.

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tstrike2.jpg Profile

Name:Eric Kevin Masterson
Height:5' 11" (normal) 6' 6" (ThunderStrike)
Weight:160 lbs.(normal) 320 lbs. (ThunderStike)
Occupation: Architect, Avenger, adveture, and Superhero, Single Parent.
Known Relatives:Marcie Masterson (Ex-Wife) Kevin Masterson (son) Thor (blood brother)
Known Enemies:Mongoose, Quicksand, Loki, Surtur the Flame demon, Ymir the Frost Giant, Seth god of Death, and Blood Axe, and all enimies of Asguard.
Known Allies:Thor, Captain America, Hercules, the Avengers, Spider-Man, Odin, Warriors Three (Hogun the Grim, Fandral the Dashing, and Volstagg the Lion of Asgard.) Heimdal, and the majority of Asgard, and .
Strength Level:

While he had Thor's Power he could lifted in excess of 100 tons, and as ThunderStrike he could lifted somewhere around 80 ton's more or less. At the time of death he possessed the Executioner's BloodAxe and his strength was off all scales.

Powers:Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and reflexes. As Thor I believe as long as he had possession of Mjolnir he also possessed Thor's near immortality.
Abilities:Architect, Street fighter, and has received hand to hand combat training from the original Thor, Captain America, and Hercules.

Mjolnir, ( a magic hammer which gave him the power and apperence of Thor and control over weather the ability to shift between dimensions, and the gift of flight, and some unknown enchantments as well) ThunderStrike (a magic mace with similar powers to Mjolnir but to a lesser degree), and the Blood Axe which granted him greater strength, and the ability to teleport himself and teleport anything he wanted to him.

Fighting Skills: Street fighter, and has received hand to hand combat training from the original Thor, Captain America, and Hercules.


I don't know anything about Erik Masterson's childhood but I do know when, and where he met Thor, and how he got into the superhero biz. Eric Masterson was an Architect and friend of contruction forman Jerry Reece, one of Tho5's most trusted mortal friends, who often got him jobs while he was on Earth.

thorcst4.jpg Eric Masterson as Thor

This Page is constantly expanding so if you have any comments ideas or questions send them to I'll try to answer you as soon as possible, and will apreciate any help expecially graphics of ThunderStrike or just about any comic charecter.

From a true fan
I forgot to see what your name is, but you just won 2000 cool points from me for creating a page solely for the purpose of: THUNDERSTRIKE!!!(Don't you think his name should have been used as some sort of Battlecry or Transformation chant or something?) Long have I been looking for BIOs on some of MARVEL's supposedly NextGen characters,like Jim Rhodes's WARMACHINE, U.S. Agent, WonderMan, but no one seemed to have any. After all Marvel has been cutting off a lot of titles, has been charging more money for their comic books than ever before, it seems that people have gone X-crazy or developed an acute Arachnophobia(in this case, love for Spidermen), then to top that, created a Web page designed not for people who wanted to see BIOs of past and forgotten, but designed mainly to make MO' MONEY, MO' MONEY, MO' MONEY!!! As you can see, I e-mailed MARVEL a very negative letter(not that it made any difference, but it got a lot of anger off my chest.) and whether or not they write back, who gives a damn. Anyways, Kudoes to you for doing a great job. Hey, if possible, think you can include some pics of THUNDERSTRIKE battling BLOODAXE? Or maybe show a little brotherly reunion with him and THOR on Issue#10? Maybe you can show all the title covers of THUNDERSTRIKE, because no matter what character the book cover has on it, I will be throwned into a sense of awe by the title design( I love that slanting THUNDER and the rippling STRIKE). Anyways, whatever job you're doing, keep on doing it. CIAO!!! Fanboy to the EXTREME, GEOFFREY C. WILLIAMS
For More info on Thunderstrike and Thor go to The Mighty Thor Page

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