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X's most famous Quote
"The first mark is a warning, the second mark is Death."


Name: unknown
Former Aliases: Johnny, Jack, John Doe.
Height: 6' 2"
Weight:220 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond
Occupation: Vigilante .
Former Occupation: member of the Mafia.
Known Relatives: both parents deceased
Known Enemies: Carmine Tango, Lord Alamont, Coffin aka Ziggeraut, Gamble, Predator, the Chaos Riders
Known Allies: The Homeless of Arcadia
Strength Level: unknown but X is believed to have the Strength of a Lunatic, or Olympic level athlete
Powers: The ability to heal from virtually any injury (with the exception of his eye), to go without sleep, possibly food, and air. X has had a sword shoved through his chest and out his back, then stabbed several times by ninjas, after he supposedly died, he was thrown in a river and a day later he was whole and crazy again. X's cape is died red with X's blood and it. just like him heals itself and even if the blood is frozen it goes back to normal. X's has been shot, stabbed, drowned, drugged, hammered, and beat, but every time it happens to him he heals a little faster from each injury. Basically if you shot him twice in the chest with a .45 on Monday it might take him an hour to heal completely, but on Tuesday if you shot him the same way, with the same gun, he might heal in 45 minutes, then on Wensday if you shot him it would take 30 minutes, to put it simply eventually his body would get so used to it he'd be able to heal in seconds. Unfortunately I've never heard of anyone one person shooting X that many times and being able to come back over and over again to keep bothering X. Other peculiarities about X is that Hypnotism has no affect on him, along with truth serum, and any drug or sedative used on him, will eventually have no affect after it's been first given to after at the longest 15 minutes, after that the drug will have less and less effect until after about 3 shots hell be completely immune.
Abilities: Demolitions expert, master fighter, acrobat, and Sharpshooter

Various explosives, and guns, most times he uses two semi automatic .45s .

Fighting Skills: Street fighter.


X is a deranged lunatic, with absolutely no fear, no remorse, and a strict code that must be followed, the Rule of X (see quote at top)

Interseting Little Bits of Info :
X has saved the Mayor of Arcadia several times, but the Mayor continues to fear X with good reason.
The Govonor of the State Arcadia is afraid of X and appointed the congress man X wanted after X killed the previous one for being corrupt.
X joined the mafia after he tried to kill the head of the orginization for making X's girlfriend dump him.
X has only recently regained some of his childhood memories, up until now he was believed to be an orphan who simply appeared one day on the streets of Arcadia with a childs toy block in his hand, with all the letters burned off except for the letter "X".
X's eye was cut out right before he was "killed" by Ziggaraut, and thrown into a river.

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