Drizzt, as seen above could easily scare the honest traveller. After intros they are quick to see that he has a very kind and noble heart, unlike the majority of his kin. Only those of evil intent need fear his blades. If ya happen to meet Drizzt in your travels treat him well with kindness and respect for he would do no less for you.

Drizzt was raised in Menzoberranzan among his evil kin, the Drow. He was born into a powerful house. He was a noble son. This of course meant little to the drow since they worshiped Lloth, Goddess of Chaos. Only females had any great amount of power amoung the dark elves. Drizzt was different from the start. He was one out of thousands who was not evil by nature. This set Drizzt on a long and more often then not lonely path. To find out more about this Noble Dark Elf, created by R.A. Salvator, here is a chronological list of his works involving Drizzt
    The Dark Elf Trilogy
  1. Homeland
  2. Exile
  3. Sojorn

    The Icewind Dale Trilogy

  4. The Crystal Shard
  5. Streams of Silver
  6. The Halfling's Gem

    These books follow the Icewind Dale Trilogy

  7. Legacy
  8. Starless Night
  9. Siege of Darkness
  10. can't remember
The ones that I can't remember I will fix to tonight.

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