Welcom the the page totally devoted to me. It should be real short.

This page is for those of you actually interested in me. Well, I'm currently 18 and attend the University of New Brunswick, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, North America, Northern Hemisphere, Earth, Orion's arm, Milky Way. Did I miss anything? I'm a first year Forestry student here at UNB. I like chat rooms(mainly area51 chat room)I'm a devote Star Wars fan. I also like Star Trek and most Fantasy novels. If anyone has read agood book or dozen, Let me know cause I'm always looking for a book to read. The question "can I afford them is something else all together. I'm also very active with the Local Air Cadet Squadron. I'm currently the Cheif Warrant Officer for 333 Lord Beaverbrook RCACS. Fun. My favorite computer games are War Craft 2, Command and Conquer and Diablo, which I ain't played in a while cause I'm in the middle of final exams. Mosy people I know think that it is too early for exams. I agree. Too bad the administration doesn't. I also love planes. Below is my what I thought was my favorite type. I just recently looked at it a bit closer and realinzed it's not an F-18. I think it may me a Mig-29, which, as far as I know is a good plane itself.

I also recently went back to Judo. I current;y have my orange belt, but due to the fact that I haven't trained in 5 years, I'm just a tad rusty. Well, enjoy the rest of my page!

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