Being as opened minded as I can, I realize that there are two "types" (pardon the classifying) of Star Wars fans. There is the majority of fans who support the 'Good Guys', in this case the rebellion. There is a not so small groupe of people who believe in the Empire. For that reason my page is divided into two part, to satisfy all that I can. Due to fact that the upload utility ain't working for me today, the empire page isn't even started, and the Rebel page isn't even half done. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  1. Hyperspace link to Rogue Station, for Rebel fans
  2. Hyperspace link to Imperial Command, for Empire fans
  3. Portal back to Ihtarr's Crossroads in Time
Here are some links to different Star Wars Pages around the net.
  1. Admiral Akkbar's page
  2. Princess Leia's page.

This list is very likely to get longer.

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