Corner of the sky
 So many words I want to say
 though I try my mind gets in the way
 Is this wrong or is it right
 Why can't I see, I need your light
 My mind is in shambles
 caught in this war
 But my deep down my heart knows
 You're what I'm looking for
 I know now what I should do
 no need to think, love guides me through
 back to the place that kept me warm
 back to the embrace, back to your arms

 You've shown me a world I never knew
 And now my mind knows it too
 The heavens of which you are queen
 Bind my heart, mind and soul in this dream
 Creator of the moon and all I see
 keep me in the place I need to be
 End this war for now none can deny
 that my peace is over due
 I have found my corner of the sky
 Now that I have returned to you

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