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Hikari's Light

EPISODE 1: Enter the Light
Many things have been set into motion. things that I am only beginning to understand. Who I was, am, and will be hang in a delicate balance of known and unknown. How does it all fit together? I was born of a noble heritage. I was part of the ruling family of the kingdom, Chiisai. It was a relatively small kingdom nestled in the mountains on an expansive plateau. It was me, mother, father, and the advisor to father, a mystic named Tern. It was like a fairytale. Everyone in the castle and in the kingdom was happy. No one could ask for anything more. Except for mother and father.
EPISODE 2: Pre-Requisite
Father told me that this fairytale was not always so. All the happiness was with a price. Mother said that I was nay older than the morning dew when it happened. A barbaric horde from past the northern mountain line invaded Chiisai. They were led by a powerful wizard named Mamono Gousatsu. Father was able to put down most of the invaders by leading Chiisai's army with Captain Karujyo by his side. But it was not the horde father was worried about; it was Mamono. Mamono had made it inside the castle. Tern was holding him off, but in his arms was a baby. Tern could do nothing or harm would have come to the child. Mother was behind Tern, unconscious. At that point, Karujyo had made it to the throne room. He saw the stand off. With that he came from behind and stabbed Mamono. The child flew out of Mamono's grasp and out the window. Karujyo tried desperately to rescue the child but it was too late. Mamono looked at everyone and laughed. "My mission is complete," he said with a smile. He then vanished leaving behind the bloody sword and a weeping knight.
EPISODE 3: Knight's End
Indeed, Karujyo was never the same. The body of the child was never found. Come to think of it, I do not even know who the child was. Whomever it was, the loss affected the entire royal house, but most of all, Karujyo. One day he entered the throne room and knelt in front of father. "Your Majesty," he said,"I am of no service to you nor the Royal Household. Permission to be discharged from service." Father looked at him and said, "You cannot blame yourself son. It could have happened to anyone." Karujyo looked up at father with a tear in his eye and a small smile. "Son.... Your Majesty, I cannot in clear conscience remain. Please allow me." Father, with a saddened countenance said softly, "I will allow you to go, but there is something you must promise me. First, I want you to promise that once you have found what you are looking for, I want you to return to the service of this family. Find the comfort your soul searches for. Second, I want you to take these." Father pulled out the Twin Daggers which had been in the family for generations. "I cannot your Majesty. They were the protectors of the family long before I... a..and with all due respect my abscence leaves you with one less protector." Father said, "Karujyo, I know how you feel and bless you for always putting my family first. So if you will not take the daggers then I shall bestow upon you their power and guidance. Please, unsheath your sword." Karujyo pulled out his sword. Father laid the daggers upon the sword and all three began to glow. "I ask of thee to provide guidance and aid to this knight whose journey is blessed. Help his soul to retrieve the honor and comfort he so fervently seeks. Protect him and bring him back safely." With that, a great flash filled the room and Karujyo's sword was split and turned into two daggers. There were now four daggers. "Karujyo, hold the daggers together." He did and father spoke, "Megami Blade." The daggers merged into a great sword. Father then held the Twin Daggers together. "Gemini Blade." The Twin Daggers merged as well. The two of them crossed the swords. "Karujyo, you are now forever connected to the family. Please return." Karujyo stood up and shook hands with father, "I shall return." Father hugged him,"I know you will. Go now." Karujyo then left the throne room and never looked back. I went out to the terrace and saw Karujyo ride off into the forest. We never saw him again.
EPISODE 4: Forever Young
It has been several years now that Karujyo has been gone. There have been no sieges on the castle either. The kingdom is well. I was a lad of about five if I remember correctly. We have received no news about the captain and how he was faring. He promised he would return.... he promised. Still no word. Tern was back in his lab as usual and no signs of danger nor warnings ever crossed through the throne room. We became too comfortable. That was when it happened. Mamono launched a full frontal attack and without the captain of the guard to rally the troops the castle fell under the evil wizard's control. Tern fought valiantly and held off as many of the invaders as possible, but it was too much. He retreated to the throne room to protect mother and father. He and Mamono went into a heated battle of magic; one always a move ahead. I saw him fall. The end had come. With his dying breath, Tern had some servants take me away from the castle. As we left the the throne room, I saw ...... heads.....mother.....father...... 1