Won't You Be My Valentine? Kwai's Theme

lyrics by: Joel Padre

one passing gaze between us 
one shy smile 
funny how some things refuse to change
with the passage of time
but I admit that I have felt a 
change within me 
your friendship's no longer enough
to satisfy my needs

at the risk of sounding childish
I'm gonna lay it on the line 
I've been admiring you now
for a, a long, long long time
but up until this moment
I could not say how I've felt
bur now I feel it's now or never
this is what I want to say

I want you to want me 
I need to know you love me
won't you be my valentine
I want you to hold me
I want you to feel you loving me, now
won't you be my valentine

now I don't want to sound the fool
but lately when you're near
I want to pull you away from the crowd
and appreciate you more my dear
I love the way you smile at me
you make me feel so strong
and your touch, it electrifies me
is it wrong to wish for some privacy

I don't mean to sound selfish
let me clarify the truth
I only want to spend a little time 
makin love to you and only you
you can always have your homeboys
that don't mean much to me 
but providing you with happiness
is all I'll ever need

(to hook)

if I, if I could have you over
with me just a little while
I know, I know you would feel
it too, how I need you
I'd tell you how much I love you through
your senses of taste and touch 
ooh baby baby yeah
yes I love you that much

(to hook)(repeat 2x and fade)

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