Aeris Theme

  She's dead Jim

  Amanda's Theme FFIV
  Memories in Time: Crono and Marle 
  Chrono Trigger 
  Kung Fu Theatre 
  Final Fantasy Emotions 
  FF VIII: Fade to Black 
  FF Tactics Theme  

  It's Beautiful 

  Square's Soft Heart 

  FF IV Melody

  Morning Dew 

  Mermaid's Tale
  FF VIII: Heroes' Destiny
  Music Box 

  Parasite Eve 

  A Rose is a Rose 

  Lonely Tear  


  FF VII: Schizophrenia 

  A Link For All Time
  Moonlight Sonata


  Prelude to a Fantasy

  Trigger of Sadness

  Trigger of Sadness 2

  Special Friend

  FF III: Main Theme        
  FF III: Ending Theme

  Peaceful Journey

  Parasite Eve      

  Cancun at Night