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Welcome to my world.
Here you will find links to pages all over the web. From music to anime; from chat to role playing; You will be able to find what you want. If not, e-mail me your suggestion! If you want a personal greeting when you login my site, sign the new guestbook in the menubar and what your nickname is! The next time you sign in your personal greeting will appear. Here is a quick DAK & NARS bio for those who care:

Dakishimeru In Japanese, dakishimeru means "to hug." Don't ask why I chose this name. I just like the way it sounded. DAKISHIMERU is the name of a role playing character I created in Glenshadows Tavern which you will find a link to on this page. Now, I RP in Ten Shadows Tavern Dakishimeru is a knight of honor. He is also a knight of love. Dakishimeru is married to another character known as Quickenil. You will find a link to her as well. If you ever have the chance, stop by the tavern and have a drink. However, don't be surprised if anyone just decides to jump out of the shadows and pick a fight in character!


What is there to know? Filipino and proud that I am. I try to be simple and yet find a way to be complicated without knowing. You see those hobbies and interests? Yeah, those things encompass a lot of who I am aside from my friends. I don't think chivalry is dead. If any of you need a friend whether you are on my list or not, email me, I'll listen when no one else will.

Things I like: I like fun, intelligent people and good conversation... oh and nice sunsets... ooh and uh... walks on the beach. Basketball, I love this game. I like watching anime and video games and a reason to smile. Oh, and giving a rose to someone special. Wanna know more? Ask me something and I'll answer...go on... I don't bite... unless you want me to....

Things I dislike: Shallow people, vain people, people whose only concern is what club they are going to tomorrow. (I like clubbing, but there is more to life) Controlling people... argh! They drive me up the f**kin wall! I don't mind strong people and good leaders, but when a person tells you how to dress or who you can and can't hang out with. I don't mean parents, they have to do that. Fake ass haters. Be real with me.
I am a lot like my character. Sometimes shy but always looking for a friend. I can be the romantic type as my character name leads you on to believe. Being a student and working full time is often tough so I enjoy unwinding by talking to a friend either on line or on the phone. On my spare time I enjoy reading, chatting, drawing, a good video game, or search for that picture perfect sunset. (When I find it, I will put it up here!) I enjoy the simpler things in life like a good book or writing stuff like poetry. I watch television from time to time, but not very often. I do however love music! My main listening consists of R&B, pop, rap, you know, urban grooves. But that is not to say that I don't listen to anything else. A couple of faves that are not part of my mainstream are "Princes of the Universe" by Queen and "Enter Sandman" by Metallica.

I am also a big anime (Japanese animation) addict! I have some cool images on this site and I am adding more. The thing I like about anime is that the story lines are very well written. The scripts are better than some of the live action movies I have seen here in the States! Plus, unlike Disney, there is blood, romance, fights, etc. stuff that is not mickey mouse-ish. My favorite anime series is MACROSS (a.k.a. "Robotech" in the U.S.) and its sequels. Macross II was a tad disappointing and if you saw it dubbed in english, it really sucked. If you have the chance to watch anime, always watch the subtitled versions. The only exception to this is Macross Plus. It is excellent either dubbed or subtitled. Check out the images below. I will have links up which will take you to the boundaries of your imagination and beyond! Visit again, I always have new stuff up!

I have many other interests which you will be able to click on soon! Here are some things:Cooking, Poetry, Music, Anime (yes more) and much more! If these links are not up yet, they will be soon! Come back an visit! Or if you have anything on these topics that you want to share, e-mail them to me and I will put it up!

MangAnime Images

Crying Freeman 1
Freeman's Tattoo 1
Macross Images (if you missed the first jump...)


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