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One of the Sailor Scouts


Akira is easily one of the most popular anime's out right now. Akira was also my introduction to anime. Akira is one of those movies that the tenth time you watch it, you'll still figure something new out about it. With a very complex and intriguing plot. In short, the story is about a teenage motorcycle gang led by main character Kaneda that runs smack dab into a government expiriment in Neo-Tokyo. One of the gang, Tetsuo is kidnapped and forced into the expiriment, which grants an unstable Tetsuo super natural powers. The expiriment quickly goes out of control, and leads up to a confrontation between Tetsuo and Kaneda. Highly recomended, but not for the faint of heart. Contains extreme graphic violence.
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Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell is another sci-fi anime directed by, I believe, the same guy who did Akira. Ghost is the story of cyborg cob Motoko in her hunt to track down and capture a ruthless criminal, the Puppetmaster, who is hacking into people's ghosts, hacking people's brains. Another complex plot, though not as complex as Akira. Though both are cyberpunk sci-fi thrillers, they have a very different atmosphere. I would probably say I enjoyed Ghost more, however. Ghost is a fairly new anime, and actually enjoyed a small theatrical release here in the states. Highly recomended, contains violence and nudity.
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Gunnm, or Battle Angel Alita
Battle Angel Alita, or Gunnm as it's often called, is another one of my all time favorites. If anything beats Ghost, in my opinion, it's Battle Angel. While the plot may not be as complex or intriguing as Akira, it's an enjoyable sci-fi action adventure tale. Basicly the story is about Gally, a cyborg bounty hunter, who tracks down criminals with her "father," Ido. The background setting for this story is phenominal! Highly recomended, contains extreme graphic violence.
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Fist of the North Star
Fist of the North Star is a science fiction action adventure about Kenshiro, who is the Fist of the North Star, and a battle between his friend/oponent the Fist of the South Star and his brother who is conquering their dying world over the girl he loves. It is a fairly complex anime, leaving the viewer to infer a number of things about the nature of the dying world they live in. However, what it lacks in history, it makes up for in strinking characters and great action sequences and phenominal conflicts. An incredible anime, though, again, not for the weak stomached. Recomended, contains extreme graphic violence.

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Project A-Ko
Project A-Ko is my favorite anime of all time! In fact, I'm developing an entire page dedicated to Project A-Ko, soon to be arriving at a web near you. The story is about a trio of teenage girls, A-Ko, B-Ko, and C-Ko. The basic plot is super-strong A-Ko and super-smart, rich, sexy B-Ko fight over sweet little bratty C-Ko's friendship while C-Ko is clueless to everything. There are 4 episodes with various variations on that theme, plus including the incredibly amusing Project A-Ko vs. Battle One Blue Battle Two Gray, which is showed frequently on the Sci-Fi Channel and contains the same characters in a different setting and plot. These anime's are a lot of fun, and not to plot intensive, just fun action and comic conflict. THE Highest Recomendation, contains mild violence.
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Record of Lodoss Wars
This tale of fantsay takes place on an accursed islaned named Lodoss. Thousands of years ago, the Goddes of Creation and the Goddes of Destruction went to batlle each other. The batlle raged for many days, and finally ended with both Godesses killing one another. The magical creatures that were left behind took haven on an island that was created by the battlefield splitting. Now, 4,000 years later, an evil has awakened once again. It's up to a small force of adventurers-a young human warrior, an elven beauty, an old dwarf, a novice priest, a mysterious wizard, and a rougish theif-to save what remains of humanity on Lodoss. I recomend this a MUST SEE! Beautiful animation and fantasy clash together to create Lodoss Wars. It has lots of blood and gore, and some nudity. Thanks to Lynn Jarrard for emailing this summary to me! I have seen one episode on the Sci-Fi channel, and did enjoy it!

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Bubblegum Crisis
The Bubblegum Crisis is one of the most popular of anime series. Basicly, it's about 5 normal gals who put on powerful body armour and fight bad guys. There are many many episodes, movies, and soundtracks released. A great intro work for someone who's never seen anime before. It's been a long time since I've seen BGC, but it's an enjoyable sci-fi cyberpunk adventure with a bit of comedy tossed in. Considered THE primier cypberpunk story around. Recomended, contains violence.
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Devil (or Demon) Hunter Yohko
Devil Hunter Yohko is basicly about a regular teenage girl, Yohko, with normal teenage concerns who is attacked by a demon, and finds out her family has a long history of being Devil Hunters. And so she becomes a 107th generation Devil Hunter, following in her grandmother's footsteps. A very enjoyable action comedy fantasy with fun characters and enjoyable action sequences. Recomended, contains mild violence and brief nudity.
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Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D is about the conflict between the Hunter D, a dampyre, half-human, half-vampire, and a several thousand year old vampire Count in the very distant future. This dark fantasy is one of my favorites, and I absolutely love the Character of D. There are some incredible battles and surprising plot twists in this great anime. Read the Vampire Hunter D
script. Recomended, contains extreme graphic violence.
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Dirty Pair
The Dirty Pair adventures are basicly about two gals, Kei and Yuri, who are the Lovely Angels, Trouble Consultants for the World Welfare Work Association (WWWA). They travel around the universe to hotspots of criminal activity or just plain mystery, often leaving a trail of destruction behind. You'll stay on their good side as long as you stay outta there way, and by the way, NEVER call them the Dirty Pair. They really hate that. Recomended, contains violence.
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Vampire Princess Miyu
One of the most highly acclaimed animes, Vampire Princess Miyu is definately one of the spookiest. As shinma (spirit demons) interact with humans, they cause trouble as spiritualist Himiko is discovering. But as she discovers these shinma, she also discovers another force systematicly damning them, the mysterious vampire girl Miyu and her silent companion Larva. Himiko quickly discovers that Miyu has an agenda of her own, however she can't figure out what it is. This series of animes is intensly freaky and deep, I recomend them but set aside time to watch them 2 or 3 times.
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A Wind Named Amnesia
I picked up this anime without having ever heard of it at the Blockbuster, and was highly impressed! Imagine suddenly one day a wind blowing accross the entire Earth and erasing everyone's memory...this is the story of a young man after such an event and his mysterious partner who was spared the collective amnesia for an unknown reason and their travel across the land. I highly recomend this, contains some nudity and violence.

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Another tale I picked up unheard from Blockbuster, this movie touched me like few have been able to. This romantic tragedy involves two couples caught in the middle of two countries on the brink of war. SEE IT! Contains some violence and brief nudity.

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Ninja Scrool
Of all the animes I got requests to add, Ninja Scroll got the most requests. A phenominal fantasy anime taking place in feudal Japan, this is the story of a saumuri, Jubei Kibagami, who finds himself battling the Eight Devils of Kimon, a clan of black magic weilding demonish ninja, and finds himself teamed with two mysterious allies, a female ninja named Kagero and a cryptic Dakuan, and battling a ghost from his past to save all of Japan. An incredible anime, highly recmonded, intense graphic violence, and nudity. Supposedly helped inspire the X-Men (this is only a rumor tho as far as I know)

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Wicked City
An excellent anime with an engrossing plot which manages to portray a dark somber atmosphere while maintaining a high level of action. This is the sexy, provocative story of Taki, your average cool-guy secret agent "beat up a room full of bad guys and not spill a drop of your martini" type. Life is good for Taki until his job, among other things, requires him to become a body guard for one of the most marked men in the world. The assasins are from the Black World, a twisted parallel dimension of insideous shapeshifters. His partner is Makie, a gorgeous fellow agent from the black world with deadly powers. The man they must protect is Giuseppie Meyart, a prophet, psychic and one dirty old man. This features dark and captivating themes, agreat diversity of characters and very good animation. Recommended, contains extreme violence, nudity, and very raunchy sexual situations. (Thanks Ben for the summary!)
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8 Man After: Perfect Collection
One of my favorites. An outstanding anime with a RoboCop connotation. In the near future an unnamed city is being plagued by crimes committed by Cyber Junkies, street punks turned into one man armies by cutting off arms and legs and replacing them with souped up cyborg parts. These parts require them too take massive doses of a dangerous stimulant which turns them into a "mad dog killer who thinks he's God". A recent theift of cyborg technology from a government installation has drawn Hazama, a private eye, into the web of cyborg intrigue woven by Mr. Halloween, the leader of the crime syndicate putting these cyber junkies on the street. When Hazama gets too close, Mr. Halloween sends his head goon to off Hazama and his innocent bystander date, Sachiko. Hazama saves Sachiko but is mortally wounded and must become 8 Man. Super Cyber Hero extraordinaire. The plot then unfolds into a complex tale of political intrigue, and the ressurection of old demons in the past of Hazama, Sachiko and Sam, the punk kid who follows Hazama around like a puppy. Features Outstanding, Lodoss caliber animation, a complex action packed plot and a large, rich, and diver e cast of characters. Highly reccommended. Contains moderate violence. (Thanks Ben for the review!)
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Armitage III Poly Matrix
This anime is about a human cop who transfers to Mars to find a colony filled with hatred toward Third's...third model androids. Imediatly, he finds his hands full with a ruthless murder destroying all of the Thirds and a rogue partner Armitage who has more to do with it than she seems...recomended, the english dub version features the voices of Elizabeth Berkley and Keifer Sutherland. Contains graphic violence and breif nudity.
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Iria Zeiram the Animation Thanks Matt!
A very good, and I immensely enjoyed it. It is about a Hunter (somewhat like a bounty hunter, only they are good guys) named Gren and his sister, Iria. Iria is a Hunter Apprentice, and Gren is the most well-know Hunter there ever was. On a job to stop hijackers from taking over a space station, Iria, Gren, and their employer Bob find the immortal killing alien Zeiram. They nuke the station in hopes of killing the beast. Iria escapes, but is not sure of her brother's fate. The first and second follow her as she battles Zeiram, but I am not sure of the third. Contains graphic violence and brief nudity.
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Green Legend Ran Thanks Thorin!
This was an excellent movie. It takes place in the future (imagine that) and Ran is a young teenager (imagine that). The government is controlling the people, and Ran wants to join the resistance, he eventually does and needs to go to a large structure called "the mother" but his friend a side-kick a silver haired girl also needs to go, because its calling her. She is somehow a child of the mother and needs to go to it and see what it wants. When she gets there the mother tells her, her choices, become part of the mother with her and once again cover the earth with beautiful grass and green trees, and wipe out the human race, or go away and live a life striving fo water??? What will she decide, what will Ran think? Highly Recommended. some violance. note: I saw the scifi channel version.
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Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie Thanks Jason!
Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie. This is based on the popular video game of the same name. It follows the story of Ryu, a legendary fighter who is known through out the globe. A evil crime boss name Bison is brainwashing street fighters into his mindless slaves. When he hears of Ryu he conducts a world-wide search for the fighter. Bison doesn't find Ryu but finds his close friend who has trained with him. When Ryu discovers this he must fight Bison and his minions to save the life of his friend. Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie is an action packed martial arts movie. Some of the supporting characters may seem weird or out of place but that is because video game origins. Almost all the characters perform their video game moves and is recommended for those who have played the game. Or if you see, go out and play the game at an arcade. Contains violence and partial nudity.
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3x3, or Sazan EyesThanks John for the novel :)!
3x3 Eyes or Sazan Eyes is about a young girl named Pai, who, by all outward appearances is a 16 year-old girl. But she is actually the descendant of a long-lived race called the Sanjiyan Unkara. When Professor Fujji sets out on an expedition to find her race, he falls upon finding Pai. But Pai's sole ambition in life is to become a human being. Professor Fujji promises to help Pai accomplish her goal. But soon he falls horribly ill, and Pai takes care of him. Before he diesd, Professor Fujji gave Pai a letter, he told her to find his son Yakumo. 4 years later while Pai walked, dirt trodden and hungry through the streets of Tibet, Yakumo Fujji accidently knocks Pai over, and she drops all of her belongings, except for the bag in which she has the skull of professor Fujii. Yakumo then takes her with him to the Homosexual bar in which he works (Yakumo has no homosexual standing though) When Pai finds out that the boy she has found is the one that she has been searching for, for four years, she makes a horrible commotion and then gives Yakumo his father's letter. In the letter Professor begs Yakumo to help Pai become human, and tells him to go with her to the Yoga Kisha publishing company where they would find the statue of humanity which she would know how to use when the time came. Then on the big screen in the bar a picture of a monster flying through the streets of Tokyo is seen. Pai and Yakumo set out to find the monster and retrieve it, because it is actually Pai's pet demon Takuhhi, that is a spirit that lives inside her walking stick, which was lost in the crash. During the crash Takuhhi nearly kills Pai, but Yakumo jumps in the way to save her. But, unfortunately, while Pai was saved Yakumo was killed. Because of Pai's anger, her 300 year-old split personality appears , sprouting a third eye on her forehead. Luckily the sanjiyan saved Yakumo by consuming his soul, and he is marked forever (at least until Pai becomes human) with the sign of the void, the mark of eternal life. The next day when Pai and Yakumo go to the Yoga Kisha company to retrieve the Statue of Humanity, they see it stolen by other strangemen. They find out later after a fierce battle, that these men stole the statue, because it was the only way that they could ressurect the evil Sanjiyan king, Kuei Yan Wang, who has promised eternal life to whom so ever manages to bring him back. Pai's destiny is to destroy Kuei yan Wang, and when she does, her dream of becoming a human being, will come true.
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Sailor Scout Mercury...I still need a Sailor Moon review (hint hint)

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