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  • I hope the writer in me doesn't kick the s--- out of the director when I watch it. I did the best I could.
  • Everybody keeps saying, 'What about David Caruso?' Well, what about David Caruso?" "Duchovny Tests His Power"
  • Andy [Wilson, director of Playing God] and I collided every day. As a result of that, I think it's a better film.'
  • We're a huge money-making machine for the Fox network, and they don't want us to stop. As a lifestyle and an artistic style, movies are superior to doing television because you get to change jobs and change role. You don't have to work 10 months out of the year. You get to work six months out of the year, which everyone would do if they had the chance. I think it's time to make the lives of the people who do the show more livable.''
  • How much time do we have left? "I don't know. They'll call me. I'm incubated here. I'm the incubus." Sager, Mike. "David Duchovny isn't really a television star. He just plays one on TV.
  • "At first I got to play sleasebags, but I turned into a good guy on The X-Files. Now I don't think about sex at all."
  • "People talk about how spiritual dolphins are and what wonderful new age animals they are. Well, it's not really true, you know. Do you know what dolphins want? P***y. That's what they want. I had a friend that swan with them and they're really horny, and they have really big fish d**ks. All they want is to s***w human woman."
  • "From an actor's point of view. it's hard to be in search of the most important thing in the world every week. I've had to make graduations on how much these things really mean to Mulder. It all boils down to projecting bigger or lesser emotions. I've basically had to decide every week whether I'm up againest the holy Grail or the Shroud of Turin then act accordingly."
  • "The possibilities for this show (X-Files) are limitless: as limitless as the writers' imaginations. I guess we'll just have to see how limitless that ultimately is."
  • "I hate these things in theory. When I actually do them, I usually enjoy myself. But I'm very guarded of my time and of my privacy and of myself."
  • "He's a little older!!" (When asked how mulder had changed over the years)
  • "Sometimes when I'm swimming I think that maybe someday I'll put my red speedos up for auction. Or maybe I'll donate them to the Smithsonian. They can stuff it with two plums and a gherkin and put it on display."
  • "Yoga silences the buzz in my mind. The idea is to remain mentally calm while you put yourself through this subtle torture. The torture turns off the extraneous buzz and you concentrate on your breathing. I would do it all day long if I could. I think turning off the mind is a good thing. It depends on whether you can turn it back on."
  • "There are people who listen to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers because they never heard Jimi Hendrix and George Clinton. There is no history now. Nobody cares to go back even two years. When I was growing up, the focus was on who were the originals and who were the visionaries. Originality is not something to agonise over anymore."
  • On Michael Jackson:- "He's the poster boy of the innerchild movement. When he grabs his crotch, it's like an infant sucking his thumb."
  • I hope I'm a good dad. It seems to me a very difficult and very easy thing to do. But I would hope to be good.
  • About baby Madelaine: Tea and I are very ecstatic. We're going to be raising her to be a Knicks fan.
  • To the cast of TV's That 70s Show: It brings back a lot of memories. I was a jock, a brain, a Frisbee guy.
  • Does he know the baby's sex? I'm hoping for healthy. 
  • We traveled with the baby when she was two weeks old. She's already got frequent flier miles!
  • If you were livin' inside my head and you went home with me every day, you'd go, 'Oh God, am I a failure!' I fail constantly. I think I fail every day. There's just so many ways to go, with acting, with any kind of expression.
  • Does he strive toward some particular measure of or path to success? I don't know what I look for. I don't chart the career and I don't chart the life, really. So far it's gone okay for me so I'll just keep on.
  • Would reaching a certain level of success quell his preoccupation with failure? No, I think you have to always be willing to fail. I mean, I think I do.
  • Actors are made freakish by the attention that's given to them. You start to think of yourself as an object. Maybe children who are used to feeling like a subject--who have been objectified--maybe they become actors more easily, maybe they seek that feeling again.
  • I don't naturally gravitate to overstatement. My natural instinct is to make it as real as possible and as subtle as possible.
  • I don't want to be a fashion. I don't want to be a joke . . . . I didn't ask for it. It's just my nature to try to win so that I don't lose. I have to always breathe and relax and recognize that it doesn't matter whether you win or lose. It's hard. The world doesn't believe it. It's a trophy-giving world, an award-giving world, a salary-lookin-at world.
  • You work so hard and so long that you start believing the illusion that what you're doing is important . . . . TV is the national theater. It is important. I don't think I'm important. I'm ambitious but innocent, in a way. I don't want to be an archetype. I'm not Hollywood. Am I?
  • Being recognized everywhere has disadvantages. It makes meat deliveries impossible [reference to a job he had when he was younger]. Another disadvantage is that you've got to do the Dave Letterman show--I had trouble breathing just before I went on. Ah, but the advantages of fame--I get good tickets to shows and free sneakers.
  • On a quote from the Milan Kundera novel Slowness: "[T]here was a question one of the characters posed: 'Who would want to drag the pots and pans of celebrity behind him?' I feel that way when I walk down the street, like I've got these pots and pans.
  • I [went online with some fans] once, very quickly, but it was kind of like going into a room and everyone saying hello at once and that was the depth of the conversation. It was just "Hi David, Hi David, Hi David," and then I had to go and it was, "Bye David, Bye David, Bye David." So that it ended up in the fact sheet, of course, that David liked to say "Hi and Bye." 
  • His reaction to being labeled "The Thinking Woman's Sex Symbol": "I guess, thank you. And, um, it's just the symbol, it's not the real sex. The real sex, that comes at home.
  •  Q: You are very popular on the internet, as one might expect. A: "I am going to give birth on the internet.


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