Other Bands!

Here's a few more Christian punk bands that you may hear about:

Officer Negative - Good old oldschool punk

Spudgun - Never heard them before.

Leisure Livewires - Great young Ol'Skewl band. They sound similar to old Ninety Pound Wuss. Signed to M&M Records.

The Substitutes - Seattle punk band that sounds similar to MxPx (there singer even loox like Mike!)

Poster Child (A Texas band that I have heard REALLY ROCKS!)

J.C. Addix (Seattle old school band that I've never heard before)

Left Out - Old School*

Dogwood - Punk rock sound like "NOFX"*

One:21 - Old School*

The Huningtons - Melodic Punk Rock*

Blah - Punk Rock-sound like rancid*

Crashdog - Old School punk*

Squad 5-0 - Punk/ska*

Jonny Respect - Melodic Punk Rock*

Beside the Point - Melodic Punk rock from good ol' Hampton Roads VA*

Pocket Change - Melodic Punk Rock from good ol' Hampton Roads VA*

*Thanks to fmrawls@bellatlantic.net for the info

Email Me if you have any more!