MxPx Links:

The Official MxPx Homepage!
The BEST unofficial MxPx home page

Ninety Pound Wuss Links:

The NEW official Wuss homepage!
The OLD official Wuss homepage!


Crux's Official home page!

Ghoti Hook Links:

The Official Ghoti Hook Home page!

Value Pac Links:

Value Pac page #1
Value Pac page #2

Other Band's Links:

ArchAngels Page!
Circle Of Squares, Electric Blanket, Strain and a few other Seattle band's homepages. GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!
(and if you're in Seattle go to a show. You won't regret it!)
StavesAcre's Official HomePage
The Huntingtons Official HomePage - A REALLY GOOD Christian Hardcore page with links to just about every Christian band on the planet!

Other Punk Links:

Tooth And Nail Records - Home to tons of Christian Punk bands!
B.E.C. Recordings - Home To Value Pac, The Supertones and more!
G-Rock! - The Best Christian TV show ever! Go check the webpage for local listings!
Slacker 66 - The cheapest place to by most Christian music!
UBL.COM - United Bands Listings. The best site to search for Band's Homepages