Updated May 5th. 1998


I've been doing a lot of work on the page lately. How does it look? I would like to add some record reviews and other bands pages, etc. But I don't have all the CD's/info/etc. So if you can send in info or Reviews I'd be happy to give you credit.

New MxPx Album

Well it's true. Mxpx's new album is coming out on June 16 on A&M records (in most stores) and Tooth and Nail records (in christian stores). It's called Slowly going the way of the Buffalo and is rumored to be more like Pokinatcha!

New albums out by a lot of bands.

There have been quite a few new releases in the past few months. Here are just a few:

Ninety Pound Wuss - Where the Meager Die from Self Interest - They have become a little more hardcore than before but that's not really a bad thing. BUY THIS!

Ghoti Hook - Banana Man - Another kewl and quirky album from the masters of punk laughter.

The Cootees - Let's Play House! - A definate new high for pop punk. If you like MxPx, GET THIS! Heck, get it anyway!

Here a few more albums that are coming soon:

Outer Circle - Self Titled - Looks GREAT! Mark Solomon of Stavesacre and The Crucified's new side band. Ol' Skewl punk madness!

The Huntingtons - High School Rock - I haven't heard any songs yet so I can't really give a review, But they're one of the better pop-punk bands I've heard.

MxPx - Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo - Looks like it's gonna be kewl!

ZAO - Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest - If you like Hard-core you'll LOVE this!

Site News.

Well I know a lot of you have wanted more band info and I'm working on it, but being so busy (well sort of) I haven't found time to get anymore band pages up. I'm hoping to get some more up soon so keep looking!

Also, I'm still looking for people to help with the page. If you can write anything for this page just send it my way! Thanks!

Miscellaneous Interesting Things.

1. MxPx is playing a lot of shows right now with Weston and Dance Hall Crashers. If they come to your town go check them out. I saw the show and my only complaint was that, even in there home town (Seattle), they limited them to 45 minutes. Not long enough at all. Anyways, it'll still be the best 45mins of your month so go check them out.


Tooth and Nail to Release Anthology.

Tooth and Nail will release a anthology of music from there first 4 years. It's supposed to have 5 discs, over 5 hours worth of music and a 80+ page book. Sounds good. Now how much are you going to pay for this? $50? $60? Nope a nice $35!!!

Here's what Bill Power has to say about it:

"Um - buy the T&N 4th Anniversary Box Set! It's only $35. It's a bargain! It comes out on November 25th! 5 Discs. 100 Tracks. Over 5 hours of music. 51 different bands are featured. 80 page full color book with 95% never before seen photos. It's worth it!" 

October 2nd 1997:

I Need Help!

There's some Punk bands out there that I don't have much info on or don't know about. If you know anything about any bands in the Bands section without links PLEASE send me the information! Thanks!

MxPx.com is up again!

www.mxpx.com is finally up again. Apparently they were installing a T1 line (YAY!) and that's why they were gone.

Weird MxPx Rumors

I've been hearing rumors that there's a magazine article out that accuses MxPx of using a christian record company (Tooth and Nail) just to get famous, having a contest between the band members to see who could sleep with the most girls, and some other stuff I can't remmember.

As far as I know this is all TOTALLY FALSE and has never happened. I don't know what magazine it was, but I may find out next week when I'll see the person who said this.

MxPx Switches Labels

MxPx has switched music labels from Tooth and Nail records to A&M Records. The bands first release on there new label is the chick magnet single which was released at the begging of August. The band also has two tracks on the Godmoney soundtrack: Doing time (longer version?) and Small Town Minds.

Songs from the penalty box released

The 21 song sampler from Tooth and Nail records: Songs from the Penalty box was recently released. Along with tons of other tracks it contains tracks from the Cooties' upcoming album, Warlord's upcoming EP, 90 Pound Wuss's upcoming 2nd release, and some more songs from soon to be released albums.

Here's a track list:

1. Stavesacre - Shiv
2. Living Sacrifice - Reject
3. MxPx - Doing Time
4. Puller - 6x6
5. StrongArm - Sorrow Is A Sage
6. Slick Shoes - Last
7. Klank - Downside
8. Focal Point - Neglected
9. The Cootees - "(blank)"
10. Zao - Exchange
11. Upside Down Room - I Need A Thrill
12. 90 Pound Wuss - Sick And Your Wrong
13. Training For Utopia - The Falling Cycle
14. Blindside - Nerve
15. Roadside Monument - S.R.B.
16. OverCome - Reconstruction
17. Crux - Paint
18. Innermeans - Casualtyofme
19. Warlord - The Quest
20. Ghoti Hook - Seasons
21. Everdown - Easy (Bonus Song)

If you like hard, punk, and alternative rawk then I'd definitely recommend picking this sampler up. Look for it at your local music store or order it directly from Tooth and Nail for $5 Postage Paid.