Atomic Bomberman Guild

Additional Bomb. At the start of each battle, your bomberman can only drop one bomb at a time. Picking up a bomb icon allows your bomberman to drop an additional bomb. But be careful, dropping too many bombs can block all your routes. Skull. Avoid the skull as much as possible. It gives you one of the many diseases, which you can spread onto other players.
Jelly Bomb. The jelly bomb is quite useless by itself. However, if you have a boot, kicking it would send it flying off to a wall and bounce back toward you. I find it quite useless. Still, at times, it could take your opponent off guard. Ebola. The Ebola is just like the skull, except it can give you up to three diseases at once!
Trigger Bomb. With this power-up, your bomb does not blow up until you hit second button. The character on the bomb looks like a 'P' which confused me with the power bomb in the original Bomberman. The character is actually a letter 'T' and a smaller letter 'R'. Turtle. "The turtle slows you down. You DON'T want to get it." -
Fire Power. Increase your fire power by a few squares. Frog. I have never seen this frog in play. Is this even a frog? Sure looks like one to me.
Full Fire Power. Increase your fire power all the way.
Hand. Allow you to grab and throw a bomb over walls and bricks. Very useful in the original Bomberman. I find it less useful in the Bomberman for the PC. The computer AI seems to be too smart. Question Mark. You will not actually see a question mark in the game. Rather, it will change rapidly through the icons above. When you try to get it, you pick power-ups by luck.
Glove. The glove allows your bomberman to punch bombs over walls. "The glove works by dropping a bomb, backing up, turning around, and hitting the action button." -
Spooge. "Allows you to place all your bombs in a single row unless a player/bomb/wall is blocking it's way. You need to press your bomb button twice. It does place a bomb right under you, so make sure you have an escape route planned before using." -
Boot. The boot icon is what I call a kick icon. It allows your bomberman to push a bomb next to it away. Beware of the jelly bomb. When you push a jelly bomb and it hits a wall, it will slide back toward you.
Skate. The skate icon allow your bomberman to move faster. Once you try the skate icon, you would wish you have it all the time. But don't move too quickly, you might find yourself walking into a flame.

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